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In many parts of the country, with late spring and early summer comes pine pollen. Pine trees can emit copious amounts of the yellow, powdery stuff, coating cars and driveways, and making a mess in general. But what about allergies? Are people really allergic to pine pollen, or is it just a colorful masquerader that pollinates at the same time as more allergenic trees?

The answer is probably a little bit of both. Pine pollen is a large particle, and fails to travel long distances, and has a waxy coating on it's surface. This makes pine pollen a minor allergy trigger for most people, although some people do experience significant allergic symptoms. Other tree pollens that aren't as visible, such as birch, cedar, oak and sycamore, happen to be in the air at the same time as the colorful pine pollen.

Are you allergic to pine pollen? Only an allergist can tell you for sure. Isn't it about time you found out what you're allergic to? Find an allergist in your area. If you're in the Reno-Tahoe area, Dr. Jeffrey Nugent is a respected allergist serving the area.

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