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Daniel More, MD

The Myth of Hypoallergenic Dogs

By November 29, 2012

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Over the past few years, the concept of the hypoallergenic dog has been popular in the United States, as allergies to pet dander become more common. Ask almost anyone, and they'll tell you what they think a hypoallergenic dog is -- just about anything that you mix with a Poodle, or a breed that doesn't shed must be hypoallergenic. President Obama further advanced the popularity of the hypoallergenic dog, apparently because someone in his family suffers from allergies to pet dander.

Unfortunately, the whole idea of a hypoallergenic dog is a myth. There have never been any studies showing that a Poodle, or non-shedding dog, produces less dog allergen than a non-hypoallergenic breed. Multiple recent studies show that there is no difference in the amount of major dog allergen produced by various breeds of dogs -- and in fact, one study showed that the popular Labradoodle produced the most dog allergen of any breed in the study! So, before you spend thousands of dollars on a hypoallergenic dog (perhaps as a Christmas present for the allergic person in your family), read the following articles, and think twice!

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