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Allergy Shot Treatment Benefits and Risks - Allergies - About.com
A basic overview of what allergy shots are, how they work and the potential risks of this type of treatment. A discussion of who may want to consider allergy shots ...
Allergy Shots (Immunotherapy) - Allergies - About.com
Allergy shots, or immunotherapy, are the only treatment for allergies which offers a long-term benefit for people's symptoms. This therapy changes the way a ...
All About Allergy Shots - Allergies - About.com
Sep 3, 2013 ... Allergy shots, also known as subcutaneous immunotherapy, have been used for over 100 years for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, allergic ...
Do Allergy Shots Really Work? - Ear Nose and Throat Disorders
Allergy shots may cure your allergy, but there is a considerable amount of information you need to know before deciding on this treatment.
Allergy shots or drops? - Allergies - About.com
Jul 21, 2014 ... Allergy drops, or sublingual immunotherapy, are becoming increasingly available in the United States as an alternative to allergy shots for the ...
Allergy Drops -- Sublingual Allergy Drops - Allergies - About.com
Pregnant women, as is considered the general rule of thumb for allergy shots, can continue SLIT during pregnancy, but should not start the therapy while ...
Do Allergy Shots Hurt? - Allergies - About.com
Jun 24, 2014 ... Answer: If given appropriately, allergy shots cause minimal discomfort. Many people and children are afraid of shots, but this fear is usually ...
3 Month Allergy Shot - Long-Acting Steroid Shots
Answer: Allergy shots, or immunotherapy, are a series of injections that are given over many months to years, and are not given as a single shot. It is most likely ...
Allergy Shots -- How Do Allergy Shots Work - Allergies - About.com
Sep 3, 2013 ... Learn the method by which allergy shots work to decrease or eliminate allergy symptoms.
Bee Sting Treatment - Allergies - About.com
Jun 30, 2014 ... Immunotherapy, or allergy shots, using purified venom from the type of insect to which a person is allergic, can cure venom allergy. Allergy ...
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