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Hay Fever and Pollen Allergy Guide - Allergies - About.com
Jul 3, 2014 ... Hay fever affects one in three people. Pollen allergy is the cause of hay fever, which can affect people during the spring, summer, and or fall ...
Hay Fever -- Hay Fever Symptoms, Risks and Diagnosis - Allergies
Jun 10, 2014 ... Allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, is a collection of symptoms, predominantly in the nose and eyes, to allergens such as dust, animal dander and ...
Allergy Treatment - Treatment of Hay Fever - Allergies - About.com
Aug 10, 2014 ... When avoidance of allergy triggers fails, medications are required to relieve symptoms of hay fever. There are numerous types of medications ...
Best Remedies for Hay Fever and Allergy - Alternative Medicine
Just like we can have allergies to airborne substances, some people with allergies and hay fever may react to certain foods. Our diet tends to follow the seasons, ...
Does Hay Fever Sneezing Lead to Wheezing? - Asthma - About.com
Aug 1, 2014 ... It turns out that your hay fever, referred to as seasonal allergic rhinitis by your doctor, is a significant risk factor for the development of asthma.
Common Ways to Treat Seasonal Hay Fever - Allergies - About.com
Apr 15, 2014 ... Learn about the most common treatments that individuals use to lessen their hay fever symptoms, including alternative allergy remedies.
Hay Fever, Allergies and Learning Disabilities - Special Education
There has been a great deal of interest in exploring connections between learning disabilities and hay fever and allergies, in fact researchers are also exploring ...
Hay Fever - What Causes Hay Fever - Ear Nose and Throat Disorders
Sep 3, 2013 ... Hay fever, which is more accurately called allergic rhinitis, is an allergic reaction to pollen. It is probably called hay fever because at a time ...
Dog Hay Fever - Atopy Allergies Symptoms & Cure - Puppies
Atopy is the equivalent to human "hay fever" with dogs reacting to the same things owners do. Flea bite hypersensitivity is the most common dog allergy with as ...
Common Ragweed, Hay-Fever Culprit: Weed Identification
Although its giant relative (Ambrosia trifida) is a very different-looking plant from the common variety, both are responsible for hay fever. Plant Type: Common ...
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