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Allergy Basics

Start here for a basic overview of allergic diseases. The most common questions posed by patients are answered in brief, easy to understand answers. Once you understand the basics of allergic disease, more specific diseases and treatments can be researched in other areas of this website.
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Allergic Reactions
Allergic reactions are very common -- from hives and swelling, to trouble breathing and anaphylaxis, there are a number of different symptoms that can be considered to represent allergic reactions. The causes of allergic reactions vary from foods and medicines, to insect stings and bites. Learn more about allergic reactions, including the...

Allergies Affect Work and School Performance
Most people won't actually miss work or school as a result of their allergies, but they may not perform as well as a result of their symptoms. Has treatment of your allergies helped to improve your work or school performance?

Allergy-Proof Your Home
One of the first steps in treating allergies is avoiding what you're allergic to.Learn from other readers about how they allergy-proofed their homes.

Global Warming and Allergies -- Do You Think Global Warming is Worsen…
Have you noticed a change in your allergies over the years? Do you believe that global warming or climate change is the cause? Share your story, and read about others' opinions.

Air cleaners -- What air cleaners can do for your allergies and asthma
For many people, the use of an air cleaner has been able to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms. But who should purchase an air cleaner to help with their allergies? Find out some of the reasons why people are getting air cleaners, and what benefits they've received from them.

Air Filters, Air Cleaners and Allergies
Learn how the use of air filters and air cleaners can help people with allergies and asthma.

What Is the Cause of Allergies?
Allergies are becoming more common, but what is the cause of allergies in the first place?

Seeing an Allergist -- How Seeing an Allergist Has Helped You…
Allergists are uniquely trained in the diagnosis and management of allergic diseases, and are formally trained in the use of immunotherapy (allergy shots) as a way to reduce or eliminate the need for allergy medicines. Read about how people have found benefit by seeing an allergist for their allergy symptoms.

Find an Allergist
Learn how to go about finding the right allergist to suit your allergy needs.

Winter Allergies
Learn about the various causes of winter allergies.

Recognize Allergy Symptoms -- How Other People are Able to Recognize …
Learn how other people were able to recognize that they had allergies.

Questions Your Allergist Will Ask You
Learn what questions your allergist will likely ask you at your allergy appointment.

Questions to Ask Your Allergist
Learn what questions you should ask your new allergist at the time of your first allergy appointment.

How Do I Know If I Have Allergies?
Find out about the various symptoms that suggest that you may have allergies.

Diagnosis of Allergy
How are allergies diagnosed? Most often, allergies are diagnosed based on the symptoms a person has, but various tests are available to confirm the diagnosis. Learn about the various tools available to diagnose allergies.

Allergy Prevention
The ultimate goal of allergy treatment is preventing the symptoms from occurring in the first place, usually by avoiding the allergen.

Treatment of Allergies
Learn about the various ways to treat a number of different allergic diseases.

What is an Allergy?
Most everyone has an idea of what allergies are, but an allergist's definition of an allergy is quite different. Dr. Daniel More, a board-certified allergist, defines what is happening in the body when someone has allergies.

Spring Allergies
With an increase in outdoor activities during the summer, people with allergies are at an increased risk of exposure to various allergy triggers. Find out how to deal with outdoor allergies during the summertime.

Should You See an Allergist?
Many people are unsure what an allergist is or what they can offer. This article discusses the type of training an allergist receives, the kinds of problems that allergists treat, and why people with allergies would benefit from the care of an allergist.

Why are allergies becoming more common?
Find out the reason why allergies are becoming more common.

Do Allergies Affect Your Mood or Energy Level?
Did you know that allergies can also affect your mood, energy level and ability to concentrate? Find out more about the effects of allergies on your behavior, and what can be done about it.

Top 10 Worst Cities for Allergies
Do you live in one of the worst places for seasonal allergies? See the list of the top 10 worst cities in the United States for allergy sufferers!

Your Local Pollen Counts
Having more allergy symptoms recently? Wondering what's in the air? Find out about the local pollen and mold spore counts in your area.

Find an Allergist
Looking for an allergist in your area? This site will list allergist by area, specialty and by name. Find a new allergist today and start feeling better soon!

HIV and Allergies
Are people infected with HIV at higher risk for the development of allergies? Learn how HIV results in higher rates of nasal allergies, drug allergies and asthma, and how these conditions are best treated in people infected with HIV.

Money Allergy
Believe it or not, people can actually be allergic to money. Money allergy can be due to various causes, including nickel contained in coins, ink used to print paper money, and even irritant effects from counting too much paper money. Find out more about this unusual form of allergy.

Camping Allergies
Learn about the wide variety of allergic reactions that can occur during a camping trip -- and how to deal with them.

Global Warming and Allergies
Learn how global warming and climate change are increasing the rate and symptoms of various allergic diseases, including allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis and asthma.

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