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Symptoms of allergies may be obvious, such as with hay fever, or not so obvious, such as with hives and trouble breathing after taking a certain medication. Learn how to recognize the various symptoms that suggest that a person has allergies. The diagnosis of allergies can be made in various ways, including the presence of allergy symptoms and positive allergy tests. Learn about the types of allergy tests that are available, as well as various allergic diseases are diagnosed. Also, find out more about specific allergic diseases as well as some unusual allergies you've probably never heard of.
  1. Symptoms of Allergies
  2. Diagnosis of Allergies
  3. Specific Allergic Diseases
  4. Unusual Allergies

Symptoms of Allergies

Do you know what symptoms to look for to determine if you have allergies? The symptoms may not be so obvious, especially in a young child. Allergy symptoms can vary from the classic hay fever symptoms of sneezing and itchy eyes, to a stubborn, itchy rash, to asthma symptoms such as wheezing and coughing. Often, it can be difficult to distinguish a lingering cold from allergy symptoms. Learn about the various symptoms that suggest that you might have allergies.

Diagnosis of Allergies

The diagnosis of allergy is made in various ways, and most often is made based solely on a person's symptoms. However, allergy testing is critical to the diagnosis of allergies. Skin testing remains the test of choice for the diagnosis of allergies, although blood tests are becoming more popular. Learn about how various allergic diseases are diagnosed, and how allergy testing is done.

Specific Allergic Diseases

Once the diagnosis of a particular allergic disease is made, it's important to learn all about the disease. Find out all about specific allergic diseases, from symptoms, to diagnosis, to treatment of these common medical conditions.

Unusual Allergies

People are pretty familiar with allergies to foods, pets, medicines and bee stings. But there are a wide array of unusual allergies that you've probably never heard of, or even considered. Find out about some unusual things that people are allergic to -- it may help you figure out what could be triggering your own symptoms.

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