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Allergy Shots During Pregnancy


Updated April 10, 2007

Updated April 10, 2007

What about allergy shots during pregnancy?

Allergic rhinitis and asthma can be significant problems during pregnancy, and allergy shots can be extremely helpful in treating these. Women who are currently receiving allergy shots at the time they become pregnant may continue to benefit from these therapies.

Are allergy shots safe during pregnancy?

Allergy shots can be continued during pregnancy, but it is not recommended to start this treatment while pregnant. Typically, the dose of the allergy shots is not increased during pregnancy, and many allergists decrease the dose. Some allergists feel that allergy shots should be stopped during pregnancy, given the risk of anaphylaxis and possible danger to the fetus as a result. Other than anaphylaxis, no data shows that the allergy shots themselves are actually harmful to the fetus.

A discussion of the risks and benefits of continuing allergy shots during pregnancy should be had between the patient and allergist, with input from the patient’s obstetrician, before deciding on a treatment regimen.

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