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Testing for Allergies

There is much confusion when it comes to allergy tests. People need to know the available choices for testing for allergies, which tests are best, if the testing is painful, and which tests to avoid. Patch testing, used to diagnose contact dermatitis, is also discussed.

Allergy Testing -- Allergy Skin Testing
Allergy skin testing offers a way to determine if, and to what triggers, a person is allergy to. Knowing a person's allergic triggers is the most important first step in treating allergies, since it allows a person to possibly avoid their triggers, and also allows for immunotherapy (allergy shots) to be given.

Allergy Testing
Not sure what to expect on the day of your allergy test? Find out about the most common tests used to diagnose allergy. From skin testing to blood tests, this article explains the types of testing that may be used to diagnose your allergies.

Skin Testing Procedure
Not sure what to expect on the day of your allergy testing? See a pictoral step-by-step process on how allergy skin testing is performed, from preparing the skin for testing, to placement of the skin tests to reading the results!

At what age can my child be skin tested? Does skin testing hurt?
Find out what age skin testing can be performed in children, and if skin testing is painful.

Patch Testing Guide
Not sure what to expect from patch testing? Confused how patch testing is different from allergy skin testing? Watch a pictoral guide on the step-by-step process of patch testing, from start to finish.

Controversial and Unproven Tests in the Diagnosis of Allergies
Non-traditional physicians have used numerous methods over the years in an attempt to diagnose allergies. These tests may claim to identify “toxins” in the body, or foods that are causing someone to be “sick” or “tired”. Before spending large sums of money on useless tests, find out which allergy tests are worth having, and which are a waste of your money.

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