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My Child is Allergic to Eggs. Can She Get the MMR Vaccine?


Updated February 02, 2009

Question: My Child is Allergic to Eggs. Can She Get the MMR Vaccine?
Answer: Usually. The MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine was previously not given to children with egg allergies, or was given in divided amounts over a period of time with close monitoring for reactions. Recently, it has been determined that the MMR vaccine does not contain significant amounts of egg protein, and can be safely given to children with true allergy to eggs. It is recommended that these children be monitored for an allergic reaction in the doctor’s office for up to 90 minutes after the vaccine is given, however.

Allergic reactions to the MMR vaccine are much more likely to be due to the gelatin in the vaccine, and therefore children with an allergy to gelatin (such as in Jell-O) should not receive the MMR vaccine unless performed under the direction of an allergist.

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