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Can Thunderstorms Cause Asthma Attacks?


Updated December 16, 2008

Question: Can Thunderstorms Cause Asthma Attacks?
Answer: Yes. Many asthma sufferers have known for years that their asthma symptoms seem to worsen around the time of a thunderstorm. It appears that changes in humidity (moisture levels) and electrical charges that occur during thunderstorms result in the rupture of pollen grains and wind gusts associated with the storms spread the pollen allergens. Asthmatics, with allergies to these pollens, can experience severe asthma symptoms during these thunderstorms to the point that many have had to go to the emergency room for treatment.

Therefore, it may be prudent for asthmatics to remain indoors during thunderstorms, especially those occurring during the pollen season(s) for which a person has worsening allergies.

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