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My child is allergic to cow’s milk. Can I give him goat’s milk?


Updated February 02, 2009

Question: My child is allergic to cow’s milk. Can I give him goat’s milk?
Answer: Allergy to cow’s milk is one of the most common food allergies in children. Almost all children with allergy to cow’s milk appear to also be allergic to a variety of other milks, including goat’s milk. This is also true for sheep’s milk and buffalo’s milk.

It may seem strange, but only a few children with cow’s milk allergy also react to mare’s (horse) milk; none react to camel’s milk. Unfortunately, you can’t just run down to your corner market for a quart of camel’s milk to pour onto your child’s frosted cereal. For now, soy or rice milk are the only safe, widely available alternatives for children allergic to cow’s milk (unless the child is allergic to these, as well).

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