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Information on the Most Common Allergy Medications

Find out important patient information for the most common medications used to treat allergies and asthma. Learn about what a medication is used for, who shouldn't take it, common side effects, and interactions with other medications. Pictures of the medication (pills, capsules, bottles, etc) are also shown.

Antihistamines are commonly used medications for the treatment of allergies. Learn all about antihistamines, including how they work, what allergic conditions they are used for, which types are available over-the-counter, and the various side effects that may occur.

Claritin for Allergies
Find out if Claritin is a good antihistamine to take for the treatment of hay fever and hives.

Is Zyrtec a Good Antihistamine for My Allergies?
Learn if Zyrtec is a good antihistamine for the treatment of allergies, and read about the dosage and side effect of this common medication used to treat hay fever and hives.

Is Allegra a Good Antihistamine for Allergies?
Find out if Allegra is a good antihistamine for the treatment of allergies, and learn about the correct dosage of this medication and its common side effects.

Albuterol Inhalers for Asthma
Learn about the various types of albuterol inhalers for the treatment of asthma -- including ProAir, Ventolin and Proventil -- and whether there's any significant differences between them.

Which Medicines Worsen Asthma
Learn about the types of medicines that can worsen asthma symptoms and cause other respiratory problems.

Xopenex for Asthma
Is Xopenex a better medicine at treating asthma compared to albuterol? Does Xopenex have less side effects than albuterol? Learn the answer to these questions are more by reading this article.

Learn why Benadryl may not be the best choice for the treatment of allergies, and which medicines are better choices.

Benadryl -- Benadryl for Allergies
Share your thoughts, and read about others' experiences, about the common side effects of Benadryl.

Steroids -- Steroid Side Effects
Learn about some of the common side effects of steroids.

Advair Side Effects -- Are You Concerned About Advair Side Effects
Learn about what other people are saying about Advair side effects.

Does Xolair Cause Heart Attacks and Strokes?
Learn about the new warnings from the FDA regarding the risk of cerebrovascular events like heart attacks and strokes in people taking Xolair.

Zanamavir and Oseltamivir for Treatment of Influenza
Learn about the medications zanamavir and oseltamivir for the treatment of influenza.

Amantadine and Rimantadine for Treatment of Influenza
Learn about the drugs amantadine and rimantadine for the treatment of influenza infection.

Alvesco For the Treatment of Asthma
Alvesco is an inhaled steroid available for the treatment of asthma. Learn how this medication is free of the typical side effects of other inhaled steroids used to treat asthma.

Spiriva and Stroke Risk
Does Spiriva increase a person's risk of having a stroke? The FDA is concerned about a possible link. Learn more about Spiriva and its possible side effects.

Omnaris for Allergic Rhintis
Omnaris is a new nasal steroid used for the treatment of allergic rhinitis. Because this medication is converted to its active steroid form within the nose, it doesn't have the same steroid side effects as other nasal steroids.

Side Effects of Oral and Injected Steroids
Oral and injected steroids can cause significant short-term and long-term side effects. Learn what these side effects are, and why these medications should be taken only when necessary.

Side Effects from Nasal Steroids
Topical nasal steroid sprays are a very effective therapy for the treatment of allergic rhinitis. Like inhaled steroids, many people are concerned about the side effects of nasal steroids. However, like with the concerns for the side effects of inhaled steroids, fear about many side effects with topical nasal steroids are unfounded.

Side Effects of Inhaled Steroids
Many people, especially parents of young children, are concerned about the side effects of inhaled steroids. When these medications are given for the treatment and prevention of asthma symptoms, it seems that people have many so many concerns about side effects that they frequently choose not to take inhaled steroids, despite their enormous benefit in the treatment of asthma.

Does Singulair Cause Behavioral Changes or Suicidality?
Does Singulair, a medication used to treat asthma and seasonal allergies, cause a person to have behavioral changes or suicidal thoughts? Should you or your child take Singulair? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

Why Did My Albuterol Inhalers Change?
Learn about the new asthma inhalers and why you may not like the new albuterol that is available.

Xolair in the Treatment of Asthma
Xolair is a relatively new injectable medication used to treat moderate to severe asthma. It is the only medication that acts to block allergic antibody, or IgE, which is the underlying trigger for allergic asthma. Find out more about how Xolair works, who should use it, and safety concerns regarding this medication.

Advair: Safety, Side Effects and the Black Box Warning
Advair is a popular combination medication used to treat asthma. In 2006, the FDA issued a "black box" warning on Advair, based on possible side effects of one of the components of this medication. Find out how Advair works, what the warning means, and whether or not you should use this medication.

Elidel and Protopic for the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis
Elidel and Protopic are relatively new non-steroid topical medications used for the treatment of eczema. In 2005, they were given "black box" warnings by the FDA. Find out more about these medications, how they work, what the warning means and who should use them.

Black Box Warning
Recently, the Food and Drug Administration placed a "black box" warning on various allergy and asthma medications. Find out what this warning means, what medications have this warning, and whether or not it is a good idea to use these medications.

Important patient information on Foradil.

Do Antihistamines Cause Weight Gain?
Find out if the use of antihistamines could result in weight gain.

Over-the-Counter Antihistamines -- Is Having Over-the-Counter Antihistamines...
Over the past few years, many antihistamines that were once only available by prescription only have now become available over-the-counter without a prescription. Some people may think this is a good thing, but is it? Share your thoughts, and read about the thoughts of others.

Should I Use Flovent for the Treatment of Asthma?
Flovent is a commonly used inhaled steroid for the treatment of asthma. Learn about the different types of Flovent that are available, the correct dosages, and side effects that may occur.

Is Pulmicort an Effective Medicine for Asthma?
Learn about Pulmicort for the treatment of asthma, including the Flexhaler and Respule versions, including the dosage and side effects of this medication.

Is Asmanex a Good Medicine for Asthma?
Learn about Asmanex, an inhaled steroid for the treatment of asthma, including the correct dosage and side effects. Find out why people with milk allergy should not use Asmanex.

Are There Any Generic Asthma Inhalers?
Learn if there are any generic asthma inhalers available.

Which Allergy Medicines are Available in Generic Form?
Find out which allergy medicines are available in generic version, which typically means that these medicines are far less expensive.

Is triamcinolone cream useful for treating skin allergies?
Learn about the use of triamcinolone cream for treating skin allergies.

Is fluocinonide a good cream for skin itching?
Learn about the use of fluocinonide for the treatment of skin itching associated with allergies.

Can I Take Allegra and Fruit Juice Together?
Learn why you shouldn't take Allegra and drink fruit juice at the same time.

Is Hydroxyzine Effective for the Treatment of Allergies?
Learn about the benefits of hydroxyzine for the treatment of hives and itching.

Does Doxepin Help for Hives and Itching?
Learn about the use of doxepin for hives and itching.

Is Clarinex an Effective Treatment for Allergies?
Learn about Clarinex, a prescription antihistamine used for the treatment of hay fever and hives in children and adults.

Antihistamine Side Effects - Share Your Story
Antihistamines are commonly used to treat allergies, and can cause a wide variety of side effects. Have you experienced side effects from antihistamines?

Should I Use Nasonex For My Allergies?
Learn all about the use of Nasonex for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, including the dosage and side effects.

Is Afrin Nasal Spray a Good Medicine for Allergies?
Learn why using Afrin for nasal congestion associated with allergies isn't the best idea, and how addiction to this common nasal decongestant spray is treated.

Is hydrocortisone cream a good treatment for itching?
Learn how hydrocortisone cream is an effective treatment for many types of allergic skin rashes, as well as insect bites and skin forms of dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis).

Which Antihistamines Cause the Most Sedation?
Some older, first-generation antihistamines can cause sedation, dry mouth and urinary retention. Fortunately, there are newer, second-generation antihistamines available with fewer of these side effects.

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