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Pollen and Mold Allergies

Learn more about pollen and mold allergies, when they occur and the best approaches to avoidance and treatment.

Grass Allergy
Learn about the different symptoms that grass allergy can cause.

Pollen Counts -- How People Use Pollen Counts in Their Daily Lives
Pollen counts are readily available in most areas, which predict or measure the amount of pollen present in the air. Learn about the different ways that people use pollen counts to alter their daily activities, such as staying indoors, keeping their windows closed, or even taking an antihistamine before venturing outdoors.

How Can I Avoid Pollen Exposure if I Have a Pollen Allergy?
How to avoid pollen if you suffer from a pollen allergy.

Pollen Allergies
Learn what pollen is, how it causes allergies, and ways to determine if you're allergic to pollen.

Pollen Counts
Learn how pollen counts are obtained, and what they mean for your allergies.

Seasonal Allergies -- How To Deal with Your Seasonal Allergies
Learn some helpful tips on how people are dealing with their seasonal allergies.

Pollen Allergies
Think you might have pollen allergies? Hay fever is the classic form of seasonal allergies, occurring in response to various plant pollens in the air. Find out which types of plants cause allergies during different times of the year, and how you might be able to avoid exposure to these pollens.

Mountain Cedar Allergy
Find out what types of trees cause cedar fever, and when you might experience these symptoms.

Mold Allergy
Mold spores, like pollen, are a common cause of allergic disease. Learn the different types of diseases caused by mold exposure, the different types of molds that cause indoor and outdoor allergies, and find out how to decrease your exposure to molds.

Are Mold Allergies Related to Drug Allergies?
Find out if mold allergy predisposes you to penicillin or food allergies.

Ragweed Allergy
Learn all about ragweed allergy.

Fall Allergies
Learn all about fall allergies, from weed pollen allergy (such as ragweed) and considerations for back to school for the allergic child, to food allergies on Halloween night.

Fall Allergies -- How Fall Allergies Affect You
Autumn brings to mind images of crisp weather, changing leaves, back to school and football games -- and for some people, fall allergy symptoms....

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