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Skin Allergies

Allergies of the skin is one of the most common problems seen by the allergist, and one of the most debilitating problems experienced by patients. From hives to swelling, and eczema to drug and medication rashes, skin allergies are explained in these easy to understand articles.
  1. Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) (11)
  2. Contact Dermatitis (17)
  3. Urticaria (Hives) (14)

Allergic Reactions to Hand Washing
Learn about the most common causes of hand rashes, including how repetitive hand washing can cause hand rashes, as well as the best ways to prevent and treat this common problem.

Learn all about scabies, including the symptoms of this common skin infection, how the condition is diagnosed and treated, as well as ways to reduce the chances of recurrence.

Itching, especially when its all over, can make a person miserable. There are many causes of itching, including allergic skin rashes, medication side effects, and internal medical conditions. Learn about the most common causes of itching, and the best ways to treat itching, including the use of moisturizers, topical steroid creams, and antihistamines.

How Can I Get Relief From My Dry Skin?
Dry skin affects people of all ages, especially during the winter months. Symptoms of dry skin, also called xerosis or the winter itch, include red, flaky, dry skin, often with painful cracking on the hands and feet. An aggressive moisturizing technique developed by dermatologists, called soak and smear, can bring relief within just a few days.

Eyelid Rash -- What's the cause of your eyelid rash
Eyelid rashes are a common problem, especially for women, and can be caused by a variety of allergic reactions and autoimmune diseases. The skin over the eyelids is very thin, and is especially susceptible to rashes caused by allergies, especially to cosmetics and hair care products used in everyday life.

Eyelid Rash
Learn about the most common causes of an eyelid rash, and how these various conditions are treated.

Sun Allergy
There are many forms of sun allergy. Find out what form of sun allergy that you may have, as well as how these diseases are diagnosed and treated.

Skin Allergies -- Treatment of Skin Allergies
Learn from other readers' experiences regarding how they found relief from their skin allergies.

Itchy Skin -- How I Was Able to Help My Itchy Skin
Learn how various people were able to solve the problem of itchy skin.

Pictures of Itchy Skin Rashes
Learn what the most common forms of itchy skin rashes look like.

Skin Allergies
Have an itchy rash? Think it might be due to skin allergies? Start here to learn the basics of allergic skin rashes and which type you may have.

Itching (Pruritus)
Feeling itchy can have a huge impact on a person's quality of life, disrupting daily activities and sleep. Itchy skin, also called pruritus, can be localized to one area of occur all over the body.

Topical Steroids
Find out about the different types of topical steroids used to treat various allergic skin diseases, the types of topical steroids that are available, and the side effects they may cause.

Can I Use Steroid or Other Anti-Itch Creams on My Face?
Ever wonder if you should be using steroid creams on the face? You might be surprised about the kinds of side effects that can occur from over-using topical steroids on the face. Find out which medications can be safely used on the face for eczema and other allergic rashes.

Anti-Itch Creams
What types of anti-itch creams are good to use? Find out which types of anti-itch creams should be avoided, and which types are safe to use.

My child has rough, dry bumps on her upper arms that dont itch.
Do you have a sandpaper-like rash on your upper arms, thighs or face that doesn't itch? It may not be eczema, but keratosis pilaris.

My Child is Allergic to Oats. Should I Avoid Moisturizers Containing Oatmeal?
Oatmeal-based moisturizers have recently become popular over-the-counter therapies for eczema and other chronic skin conditions. Find out how some people, particularly children, may be allergic to the oats contained in these creams, which therefore can worsen the skin condition.

Reactions to Medications
A basic overview of allergic and non-allergic reactions to medications. Specific medications are covered, along with information on symptoms, avoidance, and possible testing for allergies to certain medications.

Dyshidrotic Eczema (Pompholyx)
Dyshidrotic eczema, or pompholyx, is a chronic recurring dermatitis of the hands and/or feet, with characteristic itchy blisters and vesicles forming along the sides of fingers. This article discusses the causes and treatment measures for this common disease.

Pityriasis Alba
Light colored spots related to decreased skin pigmentation, usually seen on the face, is called pityriasis alba. It is frequently seen in children with atopic dermatitis, doesn't cause symptoms, but can be confused with certain fungal infections.

Lichen Simplex Chronicus
An area of itchy skin that is rubbed or scratched for long periods of time may develop a thickened, reddish appearance. This rash is called lichen simplex chronicus (LSC), and is related to "itch-scratch-itch" rather than a disease process. Find out more about the causes and treatments for LSC.

Reactions to Bedbugs
Bedbugs bites can appear as itchy, red bumps and are frequently confused with allergic rashes. Learn more about bedbugs, how to tell if you've been bitten, and what to do as a result.

Itchy Rash After Swimming
Learn what causes an itchy rash after swimming in a lake or the ocean.

Dry Skin Relief -- Share Your Story About Dry Skin Relief
Many people suffer from dry skin, despite the use of over-the-counter moisturizers and prescription steroid creams. Dermatologists have long known the secret to finding relief for dry skin. If you've benefited from this secret, share your story on how you were able to find relief for your dry skin. If you haven't yet found relief, what are you...

Beach Allergies
Learn about the different types of allergic reactions that can occur with a day at the beach.

Pruritus Ani
Learn about the various causes and treatment of pruritus ani, and embarrassing condition experienced by many people.

Brachioradial Pruritus
Find out about the symptoms, causes and treatment of brachioradial pruritus.

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