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About Swimming: News, Tips and Techniques
Get swimming help for novice or beginner swimmers. About Swimming has news, tips, instruction, training techniques for how to be a better swimmer.
Workouts and Technique Tips for Swimmers - Swimming - About.com
These tips and workouts will help you develop better swimming technique, improve swimming fitness, design swim workouts and swimming practices, and build ...
Swimming - Getting Started and Becoming a Swimmer
So, you want to improve your swimming ability or swim competitively, but aren't sure about the next step to swimming - or you have taken time off and want to get  ...
Swimming Workout 8-Week Training Plan for Swimmers
If you are a novice swimmer looking for a swim workout plan, this may be the perfect plan for you to get started with swimming workouts. It is an 8-week swim ...
What's Good and Healthy About Being a Swimmer - Swimming
Swimming is a healthy activity that can be continued for a lifetime - and the health benefits swimming offers for a lifetime are worth the effort it takes to get to the ...
Swim Workouts and Training Plans for Swimmers - Swimming
Workout and practice ideas and tips for swimmers to use in their swimming workouts. Everything for swimmers from sample daily swim workouts, swimming ...
Swimming Workouts for Swimmers - Week 1 - About.com
A series of swimming workouts for swimmers to help increase overall fitness, become a faster swimmer, or just to give a swimmer new swimming workouts for  ...
10 Tips for Better Swimming - About.com
There are many things that swimmers can do to swim better. This to do list of 10 swim tips could help any swimmer improve their swimming. The first step is to get  ...
5 Weeks of Swimming Workouts for Swimmers - About.com
These swimming workouts are designed to help your swim training, to build fitness, and to give you some variety in your exercise regimin. Swimmers, you can ...
Freestyle Stroke (Front Crawl) Swimming Drills - About.com
A swimmers guide to performing several freestyle technique improvement drills to help make a swimmer's freestyle swimming faster and improve swimming ...
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