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Hives From Mosquito Bites

Share Your Story: How Mosquito Allergy Ruined Your Vacation

By Robert Reeve

Updated August 09, 2010

How my mosquito allergy affected me

I have recently developed what looks like Hives Urticaria. I was in South Africa's Western Cape and believe the instigator of my attacks was the culex mosquito. If there's one mosquito in a room full of people it will find me! This first Hives attack was about a year ago, which my doctor treated with a cortizone injection and some powerful antihistamine pills that cured the symptoms in few days. I now have the same again after a warm winter spell caused a hatch of mosquito larvae. I recall scratching the bites on my hands at night which spread in a rash over my arms and then all over my body, particularly my back.

What I did to overcome it

I've again taken antihistamine pills to combat Hives, but in my ignorance, also Spasmend to relieve back pain. Spasmend contains: Mephensin 150mg Paracetemol 500mg total parabens(preservation) 0.1%m/m. Having read a few articles on Hives, I gather that mosquito bites and some medicines for pain increase histamines in the blood, which promote Hives. Could you suggest another painkiller that does not adversely react. I have high blood pressure too and take half a disprin every day.

Lessons Learned

  • Stay away from mosquitoes by using protective clothing, sleep under mosquito nets and use mosquito repellents on exposed skin. Don't panic if you come out in a rash; its not life threatening, but is very uncomforatble. Scratching doesn't cure the problem. See your doctor if you develop a rash.
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