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Mosquito Allergic Reaction

Share Your Story: How Mosquito Allergy Ruined Your Vacation

By Charles

Updated September 05, 2010

How my mosquito allergy affected me

While on a visit to Miami from London, my girlfriend Lara was bitten several times by mosquito's and had what appears to be an allergic reaction. Lara and I were at a beach close to a wooded area and when the sun set we were attached by swarms of mosquito. I was bitten, but Lara had a bad reaction. The itching was very strong and the bites swelled to almost an inch in diameter.

What I did to overcome it

We tried all the over the counter creams to sooth the itch, but have found nothing to help. We also tried a few home remedy ideas, but nothing as of yet. We tried benadryl and several other topical treatments. We are currently trying over the counter allergy medications to see if that will help stop the itching.

Lessons Learned

  • When in Florida, you have to watch out where you are as soon as it gets dark. If your in a wooded or outdoor area after dark you may experience the mosquito frenzy we encountered.
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