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Readers Respond: Top Reasons to See an Allergist

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Updated January 20, 2010

From the article: Allergist
Allergists are uniquely trained in the diagnosis and management of allergic diseases, and are formally trained in the use of immunotherapy (allergy shots) as a way to reduce or eliminate the need for allergy medicines. Have you seen an allergist? If so, how has seeing an allergist helped you deal with your allergies? Share your story, and read about how people have found benefit by seeing an allergist for their allergy symptoms. (Please do not give your allergist's name -- those comments containing actual names of physicians will be deleted.) Share Your Story


I recommend anyone with high allergy. Levels to get immunotherapy it has helped me so much with not only allergy symptoms but i also have athsma and i barely need to use my inhalers that i have been using for years. Its a little time consuming as far as frequent appts to the office but its sooooo worth it for me. I started with the cluster shots to shorten the initial beginning shots to get in my system faster. The needles are tiny so nearly pain free. I recommend this method to everyone.
—Guest Brightnlovely

Pollen Allergies

Winter to spring in Florida, get lots of southern Pines and Oaks Pollen, my car in the morning is green/yellow in colour. What is it that can help me? Needles?
—Guest Lutz

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Top Reasons to See an Allergist

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