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Readers Respond: Best Dogs for People with Allergies

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Updated May 21, 2009

Having allergies won't keep most people from having a pet. A pet dog can bring joy and companionship to a person's life. However, people with dog allergies may want to consider choosing a hypoallergenic dog in order to minimize worsening allergy symptoms. How did you find your hypoallergenic dog? Share you experience with others looking to adopt man's best friend -- minus the sneezes.

Hypoallergenic dogs

Me and my family would love to have a dog but my mom and brother are allergic. So we are planning to get a hypoallergenic dog, most likely a poodle or Havanese, or bichon. But my mom visited a bichon frise breeder and got hives. She is now convinced that she cannot have any dog! I heard that it depends on the breed. I told her and she said anyway that purebred dogs cost a whole lot of money. I am still trying to convince her to try another breed. Plz help!
—Guest Dog queen

My experience with allergies and pets

I had never been able to have a dog until I heard that poodles are low-allergen. Now I have two poodles without trouble. But you have to test yourself - not just go with a particular breed. Before getting a poodle or Maltese or any other recommended breed try to visit with one for at least an hour - preferably much longer. Try a shelter or someone in the neighborhood who has that breed. At the Humane Society I found out very clearly that I could be with a poodle but not a beagle, for example. I am allergic to any cat I have ever met, but want to stay with my grandchild where they have three cats. I find cromolyn sodium nasal spray (or Intal) taken well in advance of exposure and kept up as directed very helpful, solving the problem 90%, and I can solve the remainder by keeping well away from the cats and sleeping in a bedroom they never enter. Intal is available over the counter at pharmacies.
—Guest Elisabeth

i miss my dogs!

I had 2 gorgeous yellow labs, mother and daughter I bred myself. before I bred from Tia I had my 5th baby, from 4 mth he was always poorly with colds, bad chests, gooey eyes, was admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties twice. After months of hospital visits it turned out he was allergic to the dogs. I re homed my dogs, which broke everyone's heart but my son had to come first. Within a few weeks after id cleaned all the carpets and scrubbed and washed everything my son improved. My husband has since got our children a cat to try and ease the loss and my son has been absolutley fine. This has given me a bit of hope, is their a dog breed that I could get that causes low allergy? I am definately a dog person, miss the companionship of my dogs and our long walks in the fields. Can anyone offer me any advice please? Would be greatly appreciated :)
—Guest ems

Not actually allergic to the new dog

I got a new dog, and had terrible allergic reactions to it. But, I was actually reacting to the cornstarch and perfume in the baby powder, that had been dusted all over her, just before I got her. We tried to wash off as much as possible, but we can't get it all, until we can give her a bath in the bathtub. The weather is too cold to bathe her, since she has a long heavy coat. Takes awhile to dry. People need to see if their reactions are to the dog products or foods, instead of the dog. I've had dogs and been with them, all of my life, and have never been allergic to them. But I do react to perfumes, corn-derivatives, sulfites and various chemicals. Pet products are loaded with allergens and chemicals, and likely to cause asthma and allergic reactions in some people.


I develope hives when certain dogs lick me and also wheeze.Now I have a Maltese poodle with no allergies but want to knwo if a French poodle will be as non an allergen as a Maltese.
—Guest Patricia Flaum

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