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Readers Respond: Sunscreens That People with Sunscreen Allergy Can Use

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Updated June 23, 2009

sunscreen changed

I have never had issues with sunscreen before apart from an all natural product. Recently after a few days use my regular sunscreen is giving me a hivey rash also. Im concerned that the micronised zinc and titainium oxides being used in the last few years arent as stable as they lead us to believe and possibly reacting with peoples skin to cause new allergies.
—Guest sunscreen changes

Spf allergy

I am allergic to UV rays, SPF, peaches, apricot, apple, sometime banana and peanuts. Summer is a living hell. I react by breaking out in hives which ulcerates and weep. Have not found anything to combat this. I can deal with the food allergies, but the photo sensitivity is another problem cause I'm equally allergic to the treatment. Totally perplexed.
—Guest Elaine

Sunscreen Allergy

I have an allergy to Methyloxycinnamate or now being called oxytinate. I have found it in a lot of products from the obvious sunscreens to makeup, lipbalms, and even hair products. I get a burning, red itchy raised rash that takes two weeks to heal. If it's really bad, my skin cracks. If I get it on my lips, they swell. The skin gets damaged and that's why it takes two weeks to heal just like any other kind of injury to the skin. I have tried zinc oxide but what I used was thick and left a white film. I'm about to try Elta MD. I tried a sample and have not reacted to it. The only other thing that I have done is to use allergy meds. But I think it would be better to avoid meds especially if you're using sunscreen frequently as they do suggest.
—Guest Mary

Spf is my enemy :(

ive tried everything from banana boat to loreal for kids to neutrogena and found out im allergic to everything neutrogena makes bcuz they use spf for every product ive used coppertone anything with spf is my enemy its not a small rash that i get its all over itchyness and pain that last about 1 to 2 months and im so sick of it ppl i still have a rash from wen i went to the beach last month....ughhhhhhh
—Guest dee

California Baby

The only one my daughter can use is California Baby unscented. We went through about 40 different sunscreens before trying it.
—Guest Nancy

zinc oxide

I used zinc oxide on my face..it must have gotten on my lips..now my lips are sore and hurt...has anyone ever hear of this?
—Guest glenda

equate (walmart brand)

my story is the same as hellsbunny except I put it on my face. it was equate SPF 50 and I put it on during my senior trip 2 years ago. my face broke out and I pulled the skin off and I puffed up. so if this happens just go to the doctor and more than likely they will give you a small dose of steroids
—Guest christionjh

Sensitive to physical sunblock

The auther wrote that no sensitivity to physical blockers has been reported. I have been trying a new sunscreen a month for years. Can't find any that I can tolerate. Physical or chemical. I think the problem is the water resistant base and that zinc is alkaline and probably disrupts mineral balance in skin. I don't buy the claims that my skin isn't absorbing this stuff. Why else would I be reacting?

Spray yes, Lotion no

For whatever reason, the spray sunscreens don't bother me, but 3 different lotions and creams I've tried make my face burn, my eyes and throat itch, and I feel a little short of breath and can't think coherently, no matter what part of my body I use them on. I suspect it's the fragrance in the lotion and cream sunscreens. I feel so crappy right now! This has come out of the blue in the last month. I've used all of these sunscreens in the past & they didn't bother me but now they're making me crazy.
—Guest Susan

Sunscreen Allergy

On 4th July , I used a sunscreen ...Equate kids spf 50 , and got a bad rash on just the area on my arms, where I put it on ,....I have never have gotten a rash from a sunscreen in my life, I do not know what in in the sunscreen , but I'm glad I only put on my arms , I still have it today 7-13-11 if it does not go away soon , I'm going to the doctor, beware of this sunscreen .........

Anyone with this symptom?

I used Coppertone SPF of I believe 30 all over my body, but only developed a rash up my neck into my head. I was told by dermatologist it was an allergy. The next time I used another brand (I think Banana Boat) with SPF 15 and not only did I develop a rash only on the back of my neck, but numerous lymph nodes popped out on the side of my neck and large painful nodules on the left side of my head! Dermatologist couldn't figure that one out and sent me for labwork, MRI, etc. to rule other "issues" out. I was then sent to ENT doctor who gave me prednisone pills and the nodes diminished. Now I'm VERY afraid to use anything at all!!! Has anyone else out there had lymph node involvement when using sunscreens? It's not happened to me since because I haven't used anything.
—Guest BB

Hey Guys if it is water proof or long

lasting you are allergic to these ingredients. It is what makes the product stay on. COMMON ALLERGY and it is hell trying to find products without it. Also, the reaction to the heat with a sunblock is also common with the above ingredients. Paba gets a lot of press but it may be the above ingredients. I get a rash from hell or the sudden feeling of heat and a rash when in the sun from either one of these products. Thanks for the tips on Mexitan, and will try other suggestions.
—Guest Copolymer/Crosspolymer

I am very allergic to these two ingred.

I am exhausted looking for a product without these two ingredients. The copolymer is the most common ingred. in sunscreens and hairspray. My dermatologist told me this is a common allergen. Why is it in everything! Is it in Mexitan?
—Guest Copolymer/Crosspoymer

Zinc Oxide Allergy

I am almost 100% positive I am allergic to Zinc oxide because every time I compare make up ingredients to sunscreen ingredients of the products that bother me, this ingredient is present in both. I am still unsure if there are any other ingredients I am allergic to and I usually end up wearing no sunscreen. I am very allergic to metals in general.
—Guest Alex

use aveeno!

my daughter only breaks out when spf is applied to her face, chest, neck and ears (but not on her arms or legs..).. aveeno baby is the only brand that works ok (the red itchy rash is not as bad), we tried other skin-sensitive spf lotions but they make her break out in rashes
—Guest aveeno
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