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Readers Respond: Best Ways to Use Your Neti Pot

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Updated May 12, 2009

Correction to my comment about Neti-Med

The correct word is Neil-Med. The company is in CA.
—Guest Conie

saline flush

My daughter, who lives in Beijing, just went to her holistic doctor and learned about a NetiMed bottle. She sent one to me from this company. Note: I do not work for this company. Had never heard of them! I have used a neti pot. The NetiMed bottle is much, much easier. The company also sells the tiny packs in bunches of 50 that has the solution to put in it. It is better to use distilled water. I have had the worst sinus illness this year ever. I also resorted to putting a warm wash cloth over the sinuses on either side of my nose, and boiling water with eucalyptus oil for steam. Nothing seems to help for very long. It is a constant battle, but comfort is to be found. I live in NC and the doctor said it was the constant switch from warm to cold weather. I took a round of antibiotics, along with heavy probiotics, and the relief lasted only a few days.
—Guest Conie

saline solution

Is sea salt ok to use as the salt ingredient? I notice in the article it says to use the purest salt available. I don't think that would be sea salt. Anyone know?
—Guest cara

use of salt

The purest salt is the best, and it's best to ensure that all the salt is completely dissolved before use, to avoid uncomfortable stinging after use.
—Guest Kitty

a cheaper "neti pot"

A friend gave me a plastic baby bottle, with a hole drilled in the bottom, and a large hole cut in the nipple. The nipple is softer and more comfortable in the nose, and the bottle is (almost) unbreakable. Considering that ceramic neti pots cost about $20, a $3 baby bottle is a great alternative and easy to pack when you travel. Obviously, you need to hold your finger over the hole in the bottom when you fill the bottle :)

Post Rinse - IMPORTANT - Drying sinuses

After completing the nasal rinse, it is important to spend a minute drying the nasal cavity, by rapidly panting through the nose. Have tissues ready as this will help expel the remaining water in your tubes. Nasal cavity cleaning Rocks!
—Guest Bron

heaven scent!

I have had chronic sinus infections ally ever since I was a toddler I noticed that everytime i went diving in ocean I would have relief for several days. Thinking it was the ovtc nasal sprays that cleared me up i dismissed it. Then I read about nettie pot and then my life changed. But now I use a squeeze bottle and mix my own saline and use it several times through out the day. No more headaches and no more colds or flu it is phenomenal now for about 5 years I am 68 years old What a relief I am still free diving better now than before the Saline.
—Guest george

Lay on the counter

if you have a counter by your sink lay on it face straight over the sink head back makes the neti pot liquid flow smoother ive learned
—Guest morgan

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