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Readers Respond: Common Problems with Wearing Contact Lenses with Eye Allergies

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Updated June 28, 2010

Eye allergies are extremely common, affecting up to 1 in 3 people. Contact lens wear is also very common, and many people with eye allergies would like to wear contact lenses. Unfortunately, many people with eye allergies either cannot wear contact lenses, or are concerned that the use of contact lenses will either worsen their eye allergy symptoms or result in them not being able to use allergy eye drops.

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redness of eye

lyk wen i remove my lense there is redness of left eye...which is nt painfull.... if i wont wear the lense for two days....it get corrected...wat i have to do...with doctor's prescription i change my lens cleaner solution.
—Guest manpreet

its okay

just wear it. Do not use allergy eyedrop. Just use re-wetting ones and no matter what do not rub your eyes.
—Guest ...

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Common Problems with Wearing Contact Lenses with Eye Allergies

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