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Readers Respond: Common Causes of Eosinophilic Esophagitis

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Updated February 01, 2010

eosinophilic (EE) related to ulcer?

I am 44 and was recently diagnosed with EE a week ago. Have had mild heartburn for the last 3 months and one freaky throat spasm choaking episode that lasted 20 seconds while eating Thanksgiving dinner. Found I had EE through a follow up endoscopy for an H-pilori ulcer. Got rid of ulcer and the H-pilori that caused it. Anyone had the same experience?
—Guest Tilla

EE and airborne allergies

I am 56 years old. After years of choking episodes, omeprazole (for GERD) seems to be helping. I got allergy tested yesterday and no fods showed up positive, but dust mites and cat dander did. I have a dusty house and 2 cats. I have no symptoms usually seen in people with cat allergies- never sneeze, never get watery red eyes. I do have mild asthma, exercise-induced squeaky wheeze that started a few years ago too. Dopes anyone else have this profile? I will not get rid of cats, not happening. But is it worth spending tons of money on air purifiers, dehumidfiers, dust-mite covers, etc?

collins mom

my son was just diagnosed, with ee. he is 20 years old and has had several scary choking episodes (food lodged in his throat). The GI doc who scoped him - told us he has had it for many years, and it was an allergic reaction to something??? be it food or environment...interestingly, he was always a very slow eater, had no appitite, never gained wieght, and was a slow grower (late bloomer). So what do we do now? if its food allergies, it will be hard for a college student to manage... Dr feels allergy testing is a waste of time.. for now he has to be careful eating, and swallowing..we will just keep an eye on him..
—Guest collins mom

EE, w/trouble finding allergens

I was diagnosed with EE after an upper GI with a biopsy. I kept feeling food get painfully "stuck" in my esophagus 2-3 times a week. Excess mucous production occured during each episode, and often my body had so much mucous produced in my stomach/esophagus that I had to regurgitate and then it was mainly mucous that came up. One night I couldn't even get water down for 12 hrs! Scary. So my allergy test comes back with absolutely no food allergies, but lots in terms of grasses and trees. But I don't have a runny nose, sneeze, or have hayfever symptoms -- I don't appear to be allergic to anything environmental. Does anyone else have EE with no answer as to what is causing it? I am now on Flovent (inhaler, so I swallow the puff) twice a day -- it is helping 50% or so after a week, but I've read once you go off of it, most symptoms recur, and you don't want to stay on the medication for long periods of time. Any suggestions?
—Guest turbo


I have had EE since I was a child. I am 37 now and did not get a proper diagnosis until around 12 years ago after I went into a full on choke in a steakhouse one night and really forced some investigation to occur. I lucked into a great GI specialist, even he thought it was a schatzkis ring at first. Finally a few years ago I was diagnosed with EE after endoscopy and a biopsy of tissue. I am now on flovent 2 puffs twice daily to clear it up. and this is working What is interesting is that i spent a week in China this month and had no milk for that entire week, interestingly my symptoms have subsided some... Intersting if I do say so

it took many doctors...

my son suffered from severe ezcema(diagonsed at 2 months) and food allgergies (diagonsed at 12 months) things still wasn't getting any better, they just seemed to get worse....So i changed doctors and he know something was going on and after seeing a GI and numerous test later 2 days after his 2nd birthday they say your son has EE....okay and this means what I said.....they said he still needed more allergy testing because his esophagis was still really inflammed (after he was scoped) so we went back and bam more allergies.....if his next test comes back still inflammed he will be left eating only fruits and vegetables....beef, turkey, lamb, pork and chicken(they are leaving it in for now)rye, barley, oat, and wheat, (leaving out rice for now) flaxseed, peanuts, cashews, walnuts, milk, eggs, peas, peaches, corn, cats dogs and roaches (non food) ...he is in an oral/motor therapy so he can trans to table food and will start the intensive feeding program soon cause he can't chew&swallow..

lucky break - divine intervention

My DS had major vomiting as soon as he started eating. People would say "I had a spitter too. He'll grow out of it." It was annoying; these people didn't really truely have a 'spitter'. My son would soak me several times a day. He was so wet he got ring worm several times. Every well check I would bring up with vomiting. "It's just reflux." was the response. Reflux medication didn't help. I went to a natural health Chiropractor that specialized in babies. In the waiting room there I met a mother who suggested my DS may have the same thing her DS had, EE. The Chiropractor couldn't stop the vomiting. I asked to see a GI. "It's just reflux." was the response again. Stronger reflux medication didn't help. I requested an endoscopy with a biopsy. The GI told me my son had allergies and reflux. I demanded a new GI and an allergist. Finally was told the results of the endoscopy was EE. If I hadn't been sitting in that waiting room I would still be baffeled by my son's vomiting.
—Guest veryberrybagek


After spending countless times in the E.R. and the hospital, with every test that was perform we came to a road block of finding anything. I suffered over 5yrs. with severe stomach pain nausea,vomiting, and dehydration I was finally diagnosed with EE by a GI specialist just on today I would like imputs about this disorder it's all new to me
—Guest vera nalls

Ms (Physiotherapist)

After suffering for over 30 years it looks as if I may finally have a diagnosis thanks to visit to an endocrinologist in a last ditch attempt to obtain some improvement in my increasingly poor health.
—Guest Jacqui Box
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