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Readers Respond: Common Causes of Eosinophilic Esophagitis

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Updated February 01, 2010

From the article: Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Eosinophilic esophagitis is an allergic disease of the upper gastrointestinal tract often caused by various allergic triggers, including foods and aeroallergens (such as pollens, pet dander and dust mite particles). Symptoms depend on how old the affected person is, with younger children having more symptoms of nausea, vomiting and weight loss, and older children and adults having food impaction and difficulty swallowing. How did you find out that you or your child had eosinophilic esophagitis, and what the determined to be the cause of your symptoms? Share your story!

22 just diagnosed EE

Im now 22 I was told yesterday I have EO. Food has been trapped in my throat since I was 1 1/2 year old my mother has spent my younger years taking me to doctors. They tested for enlarged adenoids and sleep apnoea. Then ruled out my mum as neurotic. Problems continued through school and work. Visits to A&E for food trapped longer than 3 hours and sometimes all night cause I didn't want to go into casualty. I was told it was a motility problem and there was no cure. I have had pressure tests, x-rays,barium meal and two gastroscopes with the last biopsies. I am a recent type 1 diabetic and had ITP as a child
—Guest Julia

Its at the point where it scares me!

When I start to eat it starts with the first bite.I have to wait on it to clear in order to take the second bite.Depending on what I eat I have to eat very slow,At any point during eating if food acts like it did not clear, I must excuse myself and go to a restroom and use my fingers too try and clear it by gagging myself.Its emberrising and sometimes does'nt go away until I get whats stuck,back up and out.I know longer have teeth which I know makes it worse ,but it started when I had teeth.My Doctor is sending me to a specialist,I pray it helps.
—Guest Bradley Lawson

used to think i was crazy~

i am 23 years old, i was finally diagnosed about a week ago(after the 3 scope and 1st biopsy). it was a long time coming . i was asked if i had bulimia when i mentioned it to family twice while growing up-so i stopped talking about it. doctors always just put me on prilosec (at 16), which never helped so i had been on it 40mg for 7 years. i have had ulcers in my esophagus and stomach (20 at one time now) and had a pic line while pregnant with my son (2.5 yrs ago)because i had so many ulcers in my esophagus. i always thought i was crazy that everyone had pain and that i just couldn't function as well as everyone else was able to... i have constant back, stomach and chest pain. constipation*maybe another disease- getting a colon scope soon* headaches, fatigue, regurgitation, muscle and joint pain and coughing.
—Guest Michelle


@Sand44 : I'm 26 and I'm diagnosed with EE since few months, I'm allergic to cats, and I've got 2 cats also ... its weird but I had (sneeze, eyes) since I'm 7 and I've been living without cats since until 3 years ago ... at first I had symptoms (sneeze) but just as it disappeared, EE began ... so it seems related ... I really love my cats ... why me ?:(
—Guest JP

I thought I was alone with this

I am 32 I have been regurgitating and choking on food since I was 7. I can only describe the feeling like the food is going nowhere and is leaning on my wind pipe. I have learnt to deal with this myself as no medication helped and until my diagnosis, when I was 29, I was also made to feel like it was my fault. The only advice I can give anyone is try and stay calm. If I start to choke and people around me panic it makes me worse. I know its easier said than done but if I just take a min and wait I can almost feel my throat easing off. This doesn't always work and the food comes back up. I also have to stay vertical after eating or food/acid will trickle back up, I also can't bend over, I describe it like being a bottle with the lid not on right The only advice I can give any parents is be patient, stay calm (not always easy) and give your child little meals and often. Also stay away from acidy foods especially orange juice, doughy bread also causes problems and gets stuck. Good luck
—Guest fclark

31 yrs old

early on i had mild asthma(that i outgrew)woke up with croup ocasionally, then 7-yrs i had heartburn, couldnt drink milk, if i ate ice cream i woud pay for it all night(regurgitate clear fluid with intense pain in my chest) as an adult the heartburn went away but i still had problems with many foods. at 29yrs old food started to get stuck and i would make myself vomit out of discomfort. so i had an endoscopy and was diagnosed with EE. allergy tests showed i was allergic to nuts, milk,eggs,wheat,soy,corn, pork, malt,grains. ive had 3 allergy test so far and although the main ones are always the same sometimes the minor reactions are different. i avoid food triggers as best i can, i take omeprazole, 2 puffs of flovent, and I am getting better. Its funny but if i eat one bite of something i shouldn't, i burp up air immediately. i can't eat before bed or lay down for a while after meals. has anyone researched or tried hookworms as a treatment? i would love to be able to eat normally again
—Guest greg nj

EE caused by milk allergy

I've had trouble off and on with swallowing for several years and three food impactions requiring surgical removal. The GI doctor performed another EGD w/biopsy after the last episode and determined that I had EE. I went to an allergist who determined that I have a milk allergy. I did without milk and foods containing milk for six months and was re-scoped. The EE is gone! I've had no problems for over five months now. Many thanks to my persistent doctors! Milk is in so many foods so read the labels carefully!
—Guest My Solution

EE experience

I am 28 years old and found out that I have EE about 2 years ago. After having extreme choking of food incidents for the past 10 yrs I was forced by my girlfriend to go to drs. After being referred to a gi specialist and going to endoscopy, it was found that my oesphagus was almost totally closed due to scar tissue left from the histamine effect. I was referred to an allergy specialist who specializes in EE and was tested. Primarily to reactions to egg, chicken, and soy products. I was also highly allergic to dust mites and numerous grasses, and the fact that I have chronic asthma and eczema didn't help the case. I have currently been on immuno therapy for the dust mites and grasses for the past year, and my immune system is fighting vigorously. Though specialist believes my immune system may be lazy and needs to adjust. Another trigger for reactions that has major effects is the sulphites in red wine.
—Guest EE I miss you KFC

Boy this sucks.. I hate EE!!!!!!

I was have had EE for some time now. Ignoring the fact that I need meds for this because of no health in. So I live with this when one day the most dreadful thing happend. I got the tiniest piece of steak stuck and had to have it removed.. It happned twice in a month. I had five surgeries on my Esophagus in three months. I now am puffing floevent 2 puffs twice a day. It is helping a lot. I am getting allergy tested soon to find out what triggers it the reaction. I am praying for all of you.. We will make it trough this. :o)
—Guest Naygirley

EE - 2 yo

After about 8 months of doctor visits- my son's been diagnosed with EE. His only real sysmptom has been vomiting, which caused weight loss. No pain, No ezcema, nothing. He got him on prevacid, and its stopped (at least for now)...Anybody else seen EE like this? Should we expect it to goet worse as he ages?

Need Advise...

my 2 year old daughter got diagnosed with EE a year and a half ago. it has been a struggle evey since then. she has multiple food allergies including:dairy, soy, barley, wheat, sweet potatoes, potatoes, all vegatable except corn and all meats except ham. she is on 4 different kinds of medicine for EE, acid reflux, and her food allergies. she has constant weight loss and for the past two months she has been really sick. any advise???
—Guest britt23

Life Without Food

Hey. I'm 18, and I was diagnosed 3 years ago with EE. But I've had the symptoms of EE, since as far back as I can remember, i was 6 years old. I went to my family doctor when I was bout 7 or 8, and they said there was nothing wrong with my esophagus, and I was just not chewing up my food. But after many years of food getting stuck, and extrememly painful esophageal spasms, and after one of my teachers told me her husband goes through the same thing, and that I should go get checked out, I finally went back to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me. I went through x-rays, barium swallows, consultations, and then finally an endoscopy/biopsy. They found that my throat was severely inflamed, and so they sent me to an allergist, to get allergy test done. Turns out Im allergic to 11 foods, maybe more, because even now I still have symptoms (even to smells of foods/grass ect..) Im allergic to Corn, Beef, Fish, Eggs, Shellfish, Chicken, potatoes, greenbeans, pintobeans, turkey and pork.
—Guest AngelNichole

EE Sucks

I am unable to eat solid food without the annoying feeling of choking. I had an endoscopy and I have ee. I have to swallow 2 puffs of flovent twice a day and I'm on a steroid called Carafate that I have to take 4 times a day and it tastes absolutely terrible, it feels like chalk and is suppose to coat my esophagus and stop the inflammation. It works pretty well but if i don't take it for a day, my throat goes all puffy again.
—Guest Turtle

How I found out I have "EE"

Everything I do after eating seems to lead to an "episode". Exerting myself, laughing, coughing, etc. I had extremely frequent heart burn that wouldn't go away with over the counter meds. I would regurgitate most meals and often find myself scared that I would choke to death during the attacks. After seeing a specialist, I had an endoscopy and it was biopsied. I tested positive for EE. I now swallow 2 "puffs" of flovent each day, along with taking singulair and protonix each day. I still have attacks if I eat too late, or especially if I don't sit and relax after eating a meal. I especially have to be mindful of eating a meal slowly. My physician said I would likely ALWAYS have to be on these meds for relief. He's had very few patients that are able to stop with meds, and have symptoms disappear. I'm happy to have some relief though!
—Guest Amusing01

how i found out i had EE

I am 21 years old & i was diagnosed with EE 3 days ago. For awhile now i have had episodes of choking with food stuck in my throat and eventually having to throw it up.. I would just want to cry when it happened it public, especially when i had to make myself throw up in the bathroom. Other than the choking, i was having bad heartburn, nausea, and abdominal pain.. I thought it was just me and I was just different. I went to see an allergist for seafood allergies and it came back positive. So he wanted me to see a GI to get scoped to check for EE. It came back positive. I was really upset, but thankful to know i wasnt crazy and that my symptoms were all related. Other than seafood, i have horrible outdoor allergies. If you think you might have EE i urge you to get it checked out. I could not be more thankful that i did!!
—Guest Alyssa
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