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Readers Respond: Common Causes of Eosinophilic Esophagitis

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Updated February 01, 2010

From the article: Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Eosinophilic esophagitis is an allergic disease of the upper gastrointestinal tract often caused by various allergic triggers, including foods and aeroallergens (such as pollens, pet dander and dust mite particles). Symptoms depend on how old the affected person is, with younger children having more symptoms of nausea, vomiting and weight loss, and older children and adults having food impaction and difficulty swallowing. How did you find out that you or your child had eosinophilic esophagitis, and what the determined to be the cause of your symptoms? Share your story! Share Your Story

My 4 yr old son was just diagnosed

We found out because he had acid reflux symptoms and his doc performed a biopsy through endoscopy. We just learned today, that he is allergic to milk, soy, peanut, beef, and corn. OMG this is crazy
—Guest JM

Read someones solution for this chocking

I have been having a gurgling sound in my throat & when I swallow it felt like I had to wait & pound my chest because food felt stuck. It went on & on for years. I read a solution on a site to stop eating cheese. OMG, I am cured. No more problems. I am 57 & only went for one test with no solution for a doctor after a $1,000 blood work. Well I also read about iodine in salt causing hives & quit the iodine & almost no salt & now my hives of 10 years are also mostly gone. And people say don't get help on the internet, these 2 solutions have improved my life so much I can't belive it was so simple.
—Guest Mary

28 EE, feel like I'm dying

Diagnosed after years of being treated like its all in my head. I choked and was in the hospital for 6 hours before they flew a doctor in from Chicago by helicopter to actually grind the food out. My current GI doctor thinks I'm a lost cause and there's nothing he can do for me so see me in 6 months he said. I went to an allergist who ran a few tests and said I'm not allergic to anything. Put me on allergy mess anyway and it helped out with the sinus issues. Pushed for me to go back to my GI doctor which is a major waste of time and money. I went and yea wasted my time. I'm extremely frustrated and hurting. My throat hurts, stomach is bloated and hurts 24/7. It's embarrassing. I was diagnosed with an allergy to milk from birth. I have had trouble choking all my life, and allergies (that allergist said wasn't ever there).
—Guest Drew


I'm a 43 year old woman who was just diagnosed. Thankfully I DO NOT have choking episodes, my main symptoms are almost constant nausea with the tiniest bit of heartburn. The doc put me on omeprazole, which seems odd to me because I've read it doesn't help EE. I've put myself on a no wheat no milk diet to see if it helps. It SUCKS not eating wheat or milk, I swear bread, pasta, and cheese are my favorite things to eat.
—Guest Aileen

Hurts so bad

I was diagnosed with EE age the age of 38. I had previously been treated for H-Plyori. I have allerigies out of the wazoo! I was also diagnosed with a "feline Espohagus." I also suffer from IBS and other GI issues. Sometimes, I currently take PPI's, and on a Nasal Cortosteriod. Sometimes life is miserable and the last couple of days have been horrible. Diarreah, bloating, vomitting, stomach pain.
—Guest Suffering in Silence


Just found out i have EE. Have had food get stuck and couldnt breath, just manged to cough it out in time, also have trouble swallowing potato mash sometimes, im not sure whats causing it but i think it may be milk. im 31 now and i have been having pain for maybe 15 years in stomach, also lack of energy wondering if this is caused by EE
—Guest bb

EE/Stomach Pain

I am 28 years old and two months ago I was diagnosed with EE after having an endoscopy. For years I would have severe abdominal pain after eating (occurred several times a year). After being treated for what doctors thought was acid reflux and ulcers, my GI doctor finally determined it was EE that was causing the stomach pain. I was referred to my allergist for testing and it turns out nuts were causing the EE. Fortunately, I do not have the choking feeling that food is stuck in my throat. My only EE symptom is severe abdominal pain that can last from three to six hours. For now, I am very careful to avoid any food with nuts.
—Guest NikGall


My 15 year old son Brendan was just diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis. He has a lot of difficultly swallowing food. This is very upsetting to me. My son went from eating five, six, or even ten times a day, like a typical teenager, to once maybe twice a day and that is if he's having a good day. He has lost interest in eating and he has become some what withdrawn. If there is any one person out there that can help with any advise please let me know.
—Guest Sheila

EE for 16 years undiagnosed

I started having "food sticking" issues in my mid teens. After a barium swallow they just said inflamed esophagus and put me on heartburn meds. Now at 31 I got diagnosed with EE after getting scoped and tested positive for wheat allergy. Many embarrassing instances of food getting stuck in my esophagus, then drinking water to wash it down. The water would fill up past my windpipe and I would have to vomit it out. I would just repeat this process till the food washed down for as long as an hour. Very painful, embarrassing and sometimes scary. Hope to never go through that again.
—Guest Brian

EE diagnosed after 6 years

Thought I was the only one dealing with this crazy thing! First noticed symptoms at 31. Was told I eat too fast. Over time it kept getting worse. Food felt "stuck" and I'd have to throw up. It started happening in public and was embarrassing. I eventually went to a GI, he ordered a barium swallow. They found nothing - so I dealt with it until one day I choked at work. I couldn't breathe for almost a minute and then once it dislodged it took almost 45 minutes of throwing up to get the food "unstuck". That incident led me to another GI, he did an endoscopy and diagnosed me with EE. He said it's triggered by allergies so I got tested. For those of you still trying to figure out what triggers your EE, make sure the allergists does the regular as well as delayed testing. Nothing showed up during scratch tests but patch tests showed corn and potatoes. Also, GI said a BIG false negative is milk, meaning it could be triggering EE but doesn't show up on testing. Good luck everyone!
—Guest J Carter

Decades of Unbelievable Suffering

After DECADES of unbelievable stomach pain, hundreds of stomach polyps, GERD that felt like a flaming torch and did not respond to meds., increasing esophageal pain, multiple EGDs including two dilations, etc., I was finally diagnosed with esophilinic esophagitis! Over those decades, I was very badly treated by many doctors, including at a major teaching hospital, who acted like I was exaggerating symptoms and needed a "shrink". I had so much pain that other medical conditions got worse and I seldom slept. I recently had a battery of allergy tests and learned that I have a milk allergy. Dairy was about 90% of my diet since fruit juices, and many other things caused immediate severe burning of my espohagus. I just started the Flovent treatments and am also still on Prevacid. I have replaced dairy milk with soymilk and occasional almond milk. I can no longer eat my beloved yogurt and cheeses. I am feeling a little bit of relief now, and am hoping there will be more.
—Guest PainPain

22 just diagnosed EE

Im now 22 I was told yesterday I have EO. Food has been trapped in my throat since I was 1 1/2 year old my mother has spent my younger years taking me to doctors. They tested for enlarged adenoids and sleep apnoea. Then ruled out my mum as neurotic. Problems continued through school and work. Visits to A&E for food trapped longer than 3 hours and sometimes all night cause I didn't want to go into casualty. I was told it was a motility problem and there was no cure. I have had pressure tests, x-rays,barium meal and two gastroscopes with the last biopsies. I am a recent type 1 diabetic and had ITP as a child
—Guest Julia

Its at the point where it scares me!

When I start to eat it starts with the first bite.I have to wait on it to clear in order to take the second bite.Depending on what I eat I have to eat very slow,At any point during eating if food acts like it did not clear, I must excuse myself and go to a restroom and use my fingers too try and clear it by gagging myself.Its emberrising and sometimes does'nt go away until I get whats stuck,back up and out.I know longer have teeth which I know makes it worse ,but it started when I had teeth.My Doctor is sending me to a specialist,I pray it helps.
—Guest Bradley Lawson

used to think i was crazy~

i am 23 years old, i was finally diagnosed about a week ago(after the 3 scope and 1st biopsy). it was a long time coming . i was asked if i had bulimia when i mentioned it to family twice while growing up-so i stopped talking about it. doctors always just put me on prilosec (at 16), which never helped so i had been on it 40mg for 7 years. i have had ulcers in my esophagus and stomach (20 at one time now) and had a pic line while pregnant with my son (2.5 yrs ago)because i had so many ulcers in my esophagus. i always thought i was crazy that everyone had pain and that i just couldn't function as well as everyone else was able to... i have constant back, stomach and chest pain. constipation*maybe another disease- getting a colon scope soon* headaches, fatigue, regurgitation, muscle and joint pain and coughing.
—Guest Michelle


@Sand44 : I'm 26 and I'm diagnosed with EE since few months, I'm allergic to cats, and I've got 2 cats also ... its weird but I had (sneeze, eyes) since I'm 7 and I've been living without cats since until 3 years ago ... at first I had symptoms (sneeze) but just as it disappeared, EE began ... so it seems related ... I really love my cats ... why me ?:(
—Guest JP

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Common Causes of Eosinophilic Esophagitis

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