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Readers Respond: Most Common Ways Skin Infections Are Mistaken for Spider Bites

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Updated July 21, 2011

Many people go to their doctor complaining of what they think are "spider bites" as a reason for recurrent skin sores. Most of these people never saw the spider that supposedly bit them, but assume nevertheless that a spider bite was the cause of the sores.

Unfortunately, it is also common for doctors to misdiagnose these skin lesions as spider bites, even though spider bites are quite rare. The more likely cause of these sores, especially when there are multiple, is a skin infection. Share your story, and read from others, about how skin infections were confused with spider bites.

Thought I had a spider bite on head:

This is because I had pain on my forehead area and scalp, and eyelid. But, I couldn't see anything there. It felt so similar to the pain I had from a Black Widow spider bite I once had that I thought I must have had a spider bite in my hair line/scalp that I just couldn't see and the pain was referred down and around the area. 3 days went by with this mystery "spider bite pain" when I finally went in to a doctor to see if they could find the bite. I saw on tiny pink mark on my forehead and thought he was going to say it a bite: He took one look and say "You have shingles." He said if I'd come in the day it had started to hurt the anti-viral treatment would have been so much more effective. Note to readers: If you feel as bad as you would feel if a spider bit you? Go see a doc.
—Guest Louise Larsen
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