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Readers Respond: Most Common Symptoms From Spider Bites

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Updated July 20, 2011

From the article: Spider Bites
While the majority of spiders are harmless, bites from black widow spiders, brown recluse spiders, and tarantulas can result in skin lesions, neurological toxicity, and other systemic health issues. While allergic reactions to spider bites are possible, it is most likely that the toxin delivered by the spider bite is the reason for any symptoms that may occur.

Have you been bitten by a spider? What type of reaction did you experience? Was medical treatment necessary? What ways have you found to avoid being bitten again? Share your story, and read from others, about reactions to spider bites. Share Your Story

Survived black widow spider bite

45 minutes after the bite on my stomach I was at the hospital with the dead spider in a zip lock bag so we could be absolutely sure what bit me..I was in a room with no IV when I suddenly became very hot, I began sweating and laboring for my breath. I called for a nurse and by the time She got to my room I was experiencing severe cramps in my abdomen, laboring to breath and required oxygen. Within a few more minutes I was cramping in my shoulders and legs with severe pain in my neck and lower back..I started crying because this pain was so severe and I never experienced anything like this before. I felt completely helpless with my body in a total severe cramping mode. It took IV pain killers and three vials of antivenin for he symptoms to ease. After 8 hours in the emergency room and five different pain meds, muscle relaxers and antivenin I was able to go home. A week has now passed and the site of the bite is red, bruised and itches periodically otherwise I feel good.

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Most Common Symptoms From Spider Bites

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