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Readers Respond: Best Ways to Deal with Mosquito Allergy

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Updated May 12, 2009

mosquito rashes

My son just 33 months old have a problem with mosquito bites.with in seconds the rashes occurs on the skin which are same like bed bugs bite.when mosquito bite him the itching is starts so if on the movement when the mosquito bite on his skin if I rub the mustered oil the the rashes are not occur on the skin.so alway i keep the mustered oil near the bed.
—Guest irum

I'm so confused...

I've never had a bad reaction before this....but the marching band had to play outside for coronation...and I got bitten several times....now I have a full body itch...wth?
—Guest TheNamelessBard

these darn pests

i hate them those mosquito i break out each time i'm bitte i break out with hives red and itchy bumps when this happens have to end up by the pharmacist who gives me a tablet name aerius works well. my problem is i didn't know my four yr old son is allergic, his foot swoll up like a balloon he was given antibiotics now i have to make sure he's given repellant just imagine we all sleep under nets but if you happen to lean on that net those flicking mosquitoes eat you through it and this dengue thing done going around blasted!
—Guest natalie

Mosquito Allergies

I too have allergic reactions to mosquito bites. About 40 years ago while I was pregnant I got maybe 50 to 60 bites. No one else got them like I did. Since then I have had allergic reactions to them. I have one now that is the worst it has ever been. Had to go tho emergency center and they have put me on a Medrol Pak and cortizone cream,also Benadryl. tonight I think is going to be O.K.blisters. Never had them before. Dr. said that each bite will get worse. Better keep indoors.
—Guest High Country Girl

i know what your sayin

everyone around me could get bit once or not at all and i get bit like 20 30 times they swell up so bad and i scratch them in my sleep and the bites are leaving horrible scars nothin works
—Guest jen


I get bite all the time I swell like crazy only found one thing that works avon sin so soft they have body wash the mosquitos won't come near you

Mosquito Allergy

I have Non-Hodkin Lymphoma. I am presently in remission. I have had chemo and raditation. I cannot get outside regardless of what I use to avoid mosquito bites. I hurt excrucitatingly if I am bitten more than two times. I tremble and get sick to my stomach. I get into the shower after being bitten and scrub the bites with dawn liquid and a scrub brush. After drying I use a poduct called chigaway. This helps the itching and swelling faster than anything I've tried.
—Guest Joyce Sword


I have also tried everything after I've been bit, and none of the creams work. Even when I have used 100% deet I still get bit all over my legs and back. I have found that taking Zyrtec before I go outside (when I know I might be bit) will actually prevent the swelling and itching most of the time. I hope this helps!
—Guest Nicole

seriously man?

In the past two days i have been bitten 9 times at my boyfriends house. Two have swollen up to the size of a golf ball in just a few hours after 5 minutes of standing outside. Another is about the size of a large orange, warm to the touch. I've never reacted this bad to a bite, but now it seems i can't escape them :/
—Guest Emily

Bitten in the back!

My cousin had a party outside....big mistake!! I was complaining about feeling mosquitos biting my back, so I used a lot of "off spray" and when I woke up the next morning....dun dun dun!! I had about 20-30 bites all over my back not to mention about two on the back of each of my legs! Now they itch like crazy and I'm tryin' not to scratch!:(
—Guest Anissa

Off Clip-On Mosquito Repellent

This clip-on has batteries that turn on a fan. I clipped it on my chair two different evenings hoping to enjoy dinner and fun with friends on the deck two different evenings without being eaten alive. I am happy to report -no bites! I will continue to try this. I appreciate all the ideas!
—Guest B in Portland, OR

7 year old

my son is also incredibally allergic to mosquito bites, he got bit on his forehead and it swelled up like a apple later in the evening the swelling travelled down to the bridge of his nose and has partially swelled both his eyes, im very concerned about him and benedryl dosent seem to be working, my poor baby!
—Guest nadia

Daughter is a sufferer/I was too

My daughter, 4, suffers severly from mosquitos. Somtimes they become infected and is put on antibotics. Nothing eases the severe swellilng although I give her Children's Benedryl to try to slow the swelling and itching. I haven't heard of garlic pills or the tea tree oil. I think we will make an appt for an allergist to see if there are any preventative meds. I reacted nearly the same way as a child as did my grandmother. We both grew out of it though. Currently, her eye is nearly swollen shut and her leg is double the size of the other. Poor girl!
—Guest Sara


every time i go out for a bit of fishing or a barbecue i end up with a bunch of bites. when i first notice them their normal size but over night they swell up to the size of a wallnut, i've got one on my palm at the moment and it itches like hell. i tried all the creams and other crap like that but none of it seems to help, the only thing that manages to successfully sooth the bite is when i rub some lemon juice on the bite.
—Guest Simon

Wow, I thought we were alone on this

Last year when I looked up mosquito allergy I couldn't find anything and people act like I'm crazy when I say my daughter is allergic to mosquitos. The first time she ended up in the ER with a huge swollen, bruised, and water blistered ankle after being bitten. It has happened every time she gets mosquito bites, the ones on the bones are the worst. On her legs she can't walk the next day after being bitten, the more walking, more swelling, more pain, and I mean huge and feverish. Her Dr. recomended cortisone cream and Bynadryl cream together, which didn't stop the horrible swelling, so far just not walking and lots of ice along with benadryl liquid and cortisone cream helps, but no quick cure. I'm glad to find this site and will try many of the suggestions, but so far just keeping her inside in the evenings, long pants and bug spray are the only big helps to prevent it. I will be looking for an allergist who treats bug allergies. Now I don't feel like we are the only ones.
—Guest Thought we were alone

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Best Ways to Deal with Mosquito Allergy

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