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Readers Respond: Best Ways to Deal with Mosquito Allergy

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Updated May 12, 2009

sytemic allergy

I think I have a systemic allergy to mosquitos. I have fibromyalgia and when I get bit, I can barely move or walk. I am in Pain all over my body and joints. It is different and much worse than my usual Fibro pain. The bites themselves are usual in size and texture, but the nausea and pain that I feel after just a couple of bites is horrendous. I have no cure except to try not to move for a day or so after being bit.
—Guest Di

Loved by Mosquitos

I just came back from a camping trip with my family and have no less than 100 bites. I was fully covered the entire time I was there yet my hips, lower back, backside, and thighs are so covered that there is barely a half inch in between each bite.This means they cut right through my jeans. My kids have no bites at all and my husband is only bit on the arm he had around me when we were sleeping! This is our second camping trip at the same campground and my second time feeling like a msquito buffet. Really glad i found this article because I love camping and will definitely test these theories!
—Guest Mara

3yr old w. Allergy

We have a relatively healthy daughter almost 3yrs old, we have been dealing with issues due to mosquito bites since her first birthday. Previously her worst reaction caused swelling and blistering of her hand and a bit of redness in the arm, this week she received a bite and in half her usually reaction time, had swelling that moved from her hand up her entire arm. Within 24hrs of the bite she was admitted to the local hospital for IV antibiotics and benedryl, 24hrs after that and continued swelling (to the point of worrying about curculation in her hand) she was moved to the hospital in the city. Changed antibiotics, added prednisolone, continued benedryl and she was released after 3days...very scary when all the doctor can tell us is to prevent them! We live in a small lake town where it has rained every 2nd day for the past 2months!
—Guest CanadianT


been to greece to rhodes had very bad reation to mosi bites ended up with septic legs and had to go to hosi been put off going to greece again.
—Guest marjorie blyth

mosquito bites

i dread the summer, iv just been bittin this week ended up in a&e for 5 hours.Got bitten on the top of my arm, can feel the heat from the bite under my skin and can feel it like that and it spreads within an hour my throat starts to close and i cant talk just a whisper until i get the meds i need. This is such a pain as last year was bittin 5 time. So this is my summer in and out of hospital, would love some help and would love to know if any1 has had the same problem. anna, dublin
—Guest anna

Vitamin B1, and Aspirin.

I've almost always been loved by mosquitos. At any point during the summer, I would have 30+ bites. Even going outside for a minute or two, I would get bitten at least twice. It typically doesn't matter if I use bug spray or not, nor does it help to wear long sleeves and jeans. My mum found an ariticle last year, however, that suggested taking vitamin B1 to help keep the bugs away. Once in a person's system, it produces a "scent" that the mosquitos avoid. I started taking one 100 mg tablet a day, and in about two weeks, I wasn't getting bitten with the frequency from before. With the bites I do still get, I've started to use a combination of a ground aspirin tablet and witch hazel. It takes the swelling down, and numbs the itching within a few minutes. Covering the bite with table salt (apply it to wet skin and let it dry) also reduces the itching.
—Guest Elle

baking soda

my 5yo gets swollen really bad, his eye looked like somebody had puched him and his jaw looked like he had chewing tobacco stuffed in it. the dr. at the hospital told us to take baking soda and mix it with water until its like a paste and apply it to the bite immediatley after being bit and leave it on until it completly dries. It draws the poison out. so i started doing this and he does not swell up nearly as bad, but the trick is you have to get it on there as soon as it happens or it wont work.
—Guest noahsmom


I have always been one of those types that get bitten by just about any bug around me that bites but nothing effects me as bad as those damn little beasts called the mosquito. I have just returned from our first weekend trip to the cottage. i am pickled in bites despite being almost totally covered up most of the time. they bite me through my jeans and I really hate wearing those bug net clothing things- walking around with a net constantly over my face makes me dizzy. majority of my bites are the usual little very itchy bumps but at least twice a year i will get one that swells up stupidy. right at this moment i have a bite on my right hand on the base of my ring finger that has made the back of my hand swell so much i cant see my individual knuckles. most bug spays have minimal effect at best and the antihistamines dont seem to be doing a lot either. I am at my wits end. short of spending the whole summer indoors i just dont know what to do.
—Guest twiz


As everyone agrees, prevention is the key. I once read that your diet can affect a person's succeptability to mosquito bites, particularly bananas. Eating bananas will make you a mosquito magnet. I also suffer from unattractively large, red mosquito bites and last summer I gave up bananas and I suffered much less. Give it a try!
—Guest Andrea


As everyone agrees, prevention is the key. I once read that your diet can affect a person's succeptability to mosquito bites, particularly bananas. Eating bananas will make you a mosquito magnet. I also suffer from unattractively large, red mosquito bites and last summer I gave up bananas and I suffered much less. Give it a try!

how does this happen after 31 years?

I went to our beach house over the weekend and when we got back home saw alot of standing water. As we unpacked everything I had been bitten by one mesquito on the arm. Didnt think much of it and I went to sleep and the next morning woke up with an asthma attack. Bumps started to appear shorly after and by noon I was becoming covered all over my body and inching that will drive you mad. I took the only benadryl I had which was childrens and it did not work about an hour later was able to take a 25 mg benadryl. TG it worked. I have always been an out doors person and I have been bitten before but now Im reacting severly to one bite? How does that happen after 31 years?
—Guest Guest in Texas

prevention is better than cure

in order to prevent our selves from not getting mosquito we can simply wear long sleeve t-shirts and use the ointment tha kills it.
—Guest s.k

Reaction Stopper

I have been dealing with the allergic reaction all of my life. I suffer from the extreme swelling to the size of golf balls. I have spent the past few years working in the desert and swamp which has made my job a nightmare. I found a solution though that shoukd be looked into. 1st I use prevention use the stronger deet at least 25% read the label. 2nd when im bitten I apply topical benzocaine to the bite. It immediately numbs the bite and for me instantly stops the reaction, I dont know why. Since benzocaine is not readily available sometimes I use over the counter "oral jel" liquid, which has a small amount of benzocaine 20%. I rub it into the bite and it works. If anyone else tries this method and gets the same result, this needs to be looked into.
—Guest tony

Skeeter syndrome

I grew up on the Canadian prairies and always had umpteen little red hives (pencil eraser size) due to mosquitoes. I now live on the west coast in British Columbia where there aren't as many skeeters, TG. However, when I get bit by one, I get huge golf-ball sized hives and sometimes blisters too. I already take OTC antihistamines for numerous tree and grass allergies, as well as oral prednisone for autoimmune diseases - these help to reduce the skeeter allergic reaction but don't totally prevent it. For that, I need benadryl, or if that doesn't work I need the big guns such as prescription strength Atarax. With allergies to grass and tree pollens, and skeeter allergies, I don't tend to spend a lot of time outdoors, even when drugged to gills with anit-allergen type meds. *sigh*
—Guest Elizabeth

Has to be skeeters syndrome

I have had extreme reactions to mosquito bites for the last 5/6yrs. Being Scottish, and staying in the Channel Islands, I never gave a second thought to mosquitos. I have been hospitalised on average twice a year for the last 5yrs because of the reaction i take with these little blighters..!!. My veins start to track, i have puss filled blisters the size of kiwi fruits, my arms swell from finger tip to arm pit. All this happens within 6hrs of being bitten. Being allergic to penicillin doesnt help either..!!. I use all the usual repellants, though have found putting raw garlic at your window helps to repel these mozzies a great deal....Dried lavender around the house also helps. I dread summer...!!!
—Guest Susie

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