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Readers Respond: Best Ways to Deal with Mosquito Allergy

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Updated May 12, 2009

From the article: Mosquito Allergy
I see some patients in my clinic that swear that mosquitos just have a taste for them. They will be nearly eaten alive by mosquitoes, while their family members and friends won't be touched. These people have some pretty interesting ways of preventing mosquito bites and dealing with the bites when they occur. If you have a mosquito allergy, do you have a trick for avoiding bites or dealing with reactions? Share it here, and learn some useful tips on dealing with mosquito allergy from others.

Change in reaction

I have been bitten by mosquitoes all my life. I've lived in Asia, Australia and SW US and holidayed in a vast number of exotic countries. Usually I would get a small red and itchy bump on the site of the bump and after 3/4days it would go away. A couple of years ago I was in Nice, France and I got a couple of bites on my thigh. The whole upper leg appeared to be swollen. The site of the bites was itchy and it burned. The swelling and itching finally subsided a couple of weeks later but the bites left scars for a 5-6 months. I had imagined this to be an isolated incident but I went back to Nice last year and the same thing happened with 6 bites. I vowed not to go back but this summer at home (London UK) I got a couple of bites a few weeks back. They had hardly gone-having left grotesque scars and again today I have five bites. The one on my ankle is the worst. The whole ankle hurts like I've bruised it. I am finding it hard to move the joint. Not sure why this sudden change of reaction
—Guest Anjalits

Allergy to bites

I'm not sure what bet me. I think it was some type of fly, either deer or horse, we have both kinds off & on. I get a prescription for atarax to take during the really bad itching. I also keep neosporin on the blisters. I finished chemo about 4 months ago & it left me with red lower legs. The bugs bit me only in those areas. I wonder why?
—Guest evie510514

Mosquito Magnet

Thank goodness there are others who can relate! I too experience bites the size of welts and they the most severe on my legs. No over the counter cream really ever works. The only thing I have ever found that worked was Diprolene but it's a powerful corticosteroid cream and it's not exactly safe to use all the time. Basically mosquitoes suck (literally and figuratively) and I wish their only basic function wasn't biting and spreading diseases.
—Guest Stella

Son 18 mnth old

Ryder was in hospital his entire cheek swelled from 1 bite steroids did nit budge it. We did not know what was happening very scared he has now been bitten in the leg and lots of bites looks likes hives I have given him phengan and steroid cream hope it helps
—Guest Sherri campbell

mosquito allergy to my both kids

my kids,younger is 1year old and elder one is 3 years old.they both get mosquito allergy at same time.little one gets blisters like on the skin(on legs and hands) as and elder one get redness on palms and feet and after some days by using medicine it was cured.but younger gets dark spots on the skin.they both cry a lot bz of itching.my kids suffered lot
—Guest mary

Calamin lotion

My son gets huge mosquitos bites after going to baseball practice. He never had them like this before. I thought we may have bed bugs and did a lot of research but couldn't find any evidence of bed bugs. I believe since we moved he has an allergic reaction to the mosquitos in this area. I use calamine lotion on him and it takes the swelling away and itching. I usually put it on before he goes to bed and by morning the bites are completely dried out. They do scab up but not as bad as before.
—Guest Nicki

Vitamin B

I get awful golf ball sized lumps when bitten by the little blighters. Yesterday I was bitten 19 times on one leg alone! The itching is driving my crazy but antihistamine is helping for a few hours of relief. Although I was a bit slow on it this year (obviously) but in the past I have loaded myself up on vitamin B and this seems to deter them and is a good/healthy way to prevent many bites - I may still get one or two bites but that is not nearly as bad as 19 on one leg! I'll be trying vinegar to get rid of the itch tonight
—Guest Tara

Believe it or not

I was born and raised in Colorado, and have always been allergic to mosquitoes. Interestingly enough, when I moved to Oregon I found I didn't have allergic reactions to mosquito bites anymore, just tiny red slightly itchy spots, compared to seriously painful, golf ball sized reactions in CO. When I moved back to CO the allergic reaction returned. Now I even get arthritic symptoms in joints near the bites. I have no idea what the difference between OR and CO mosquitoes is; but there definately is a difference. The most effective remedy I've found is to put mud, prepared to the consistency of paste, on the bites as soon as you can. It's best to sleep with the mud on overnight. Its free; it's abundant; and it works.
—Guest Amber

Mosquito Allergy

My son has just been told he is allergic to mozzies. He got biten all over his face and hand and the reaction was unbeleiveable. His forehead has swelled up and his eye swelled shut. As well as his hand and eye looks like they are going to burst. He is now on medication but I am wanting something that may deter the mozzie's biting him. He's only 4 and its breaking my heart seeing him this way. Does anyone know if tea tree oil soap will help?
—Guest Leanne

Works for us!

My son has Skeeter Syndrome. The bite area swells monstrously and turns red and hot anytime he's bitten. For prevention, we used the battery operated mosquito repellent you clip to your clothes and that's worked very well this summer. If he gets bitten, we immediately cover the area in Liquid Bandage. This keeps the bite from swelling or turning red and hot. Not sure why it works, just happy it does!


Ice packs work well for mosquito bites and the itching. My eyes will swell shut from bites ice is my only relief.
—Guest sellan

bites are bad

Those little suckers love me. I will try the vinegar because I can't stand the itching. I've tried lemon juice in the past and that works if you rub it on bite asap!
—Guest ihatemosquitoes

extreme reactions

I'm 59 and this is the first year of reacting this way. Arm swelled from hand to elbow, nerve pain. Eyes swollen shut, face as big as a moon pie. Lymph nodes swollen and painful, fever and infection on leg. Bitten through jeans, canvas raincoat and herbal repellants. What helps: A fan going in whatever room you are in, mosq don't like them so you feel more relaxed to sleep knowing they are kept at bay; witchhazel helps the itch; vicks too around my ankles and wrists help itching; warm compress on lyphmnodes for pain; trying badger balm antibug balm for my face and neck and hair to deter mosq. Thanks for your ideas and sharing exp as I'd never known this could happen or heard of this before. I know zymeaway which is nontoxic enzyme works on some critters like mites and fleas so thinking of applying a spray to the area outside our doorways. Have to watch when our dogs come in and out that mosq dont hitch a ride on them..using herbal spray for them. Terry
—Guest Terry from Ohio


I was on vacation in Cozumel and in my 4th day of my 8 day vacation I was eaten alive all over my body including my face. My fingers and toes and everything in between was bitten. I was miserable. It made me so anxious that the only thing that made it me feel relief was to scratch the heck out of my body. I took 2 benedryls every 4 hours but the bites were still swollen. Someone told me to use vinegar. I immediately went to the resort market and purchased a bottle of vinegar. The vinegar helped to subside the itch immediately and reduced the swelling. Rather than dosing myself with meds, I use the vinegar once I feel the itch or anxiety for relief. Try it. It works!
—Guest So Itchy

Lavender essential oil!!!

My wife got a mosquito bite the other night and like usual her foot swelled up like a balloon. I began icing it down and repeatedly putting a cold compress of witch Hazel on it, but it just kept getting worse. Last night it looked so bad (like a sausage on the BBQ about to burst) that I cracked out the calamine, but before using it I remembered reading somewhere that lavender works (esp good if you're pregnant or breastfeeding which my wife is) so we decided to try it. Much to my surprise the redness around the edges began to fade before I had finished covering her foot. Encouraged by this we lathered her foot up, placed an old sock on it, then a home-made ice pack of water-soaked cotton balls frozen in ziplock, and used another sock to hold it in place. It's now been about 7 hours and the swelling has gone down considerably. It's still a little itchy, but it looks like the lavender works. And better, I might add, than the strongest corticosteroid that we'd used in the past!!
—Guest Eric
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