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Readers Respond: Best Ways to Deal with Mosquito Allergy

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Updated May 12, 2009

From the article: Mosquito Allergy
I see some patients in my clinic that swear that mosquitos just have a taste for them. They will be nearly eaten alive by mosquitoes, while their family members and friends won't be touched. These people have some pretty interesting ways of preventing mosquito bites and dealing with the bites when they occur. If you have a mosquito allergy, do you have a trick for avoiding bites or dealing with reactions? Share it here, and learn some useful tips on dealing with mosquito allergy from others. Share Your Experiences

Change in reaction

I have been bitten by mosquitoes all my life. I've lived in Asia, Australia and SW US and holidayed in a vast number of exotic countries. Usually I would get a small red and itchy bump on the site of the bump and after 3/4days it would go away. A couple of years ago I was in Nice, France and I got a couple of bites on my thigh. The whole upper leg appeared to be swollen. The site of the bites was itchy and it burned. The swelling and itching finally subsided a couple of weeks later but the bites left scars for a 5-6 months. I had imagined this to be an isolated incident but I went back to Nice last year and the same thing happened with 6 bites. I vowed not to go back but this summer at home (London UK) I got a couple of bites a few weeks back. They had hardly gone-having left grotesque scars and again today I have five bites. The one on my ankle is the worst. The whole ankle hurts like I've bruised it. I am finding it hard to move the joint. Not sure why this sudden change of reaction
—Guest Anjalits


Go on a skiing holiday instead or pot holing there are plenty of alternatives You plumbs
—Guest Mozeee

Bites of some kind

Woke up with bites of some kind and itching, couldn't sleep, now as the day progressed the area is growing larger, is swollen, red, itchy and hot, had 4 spots and now see 3 more, no idea what it was, but no idea what it was? any similar experiences?
—Guest guest from Minn

vinegar helps every time

I put vinegar in a spraybottle and spray away. Keeps mozzies away and works every time, even though I smell like a salad dressing! As for sleeping, in summer I sleep under a ceiling fan and that blows the mozzies away from me, too.
—Guest Alta

Wintergreen alcohol

I use wintergreen rubbing alcohol on the site as soon as I feel the bite (or see the critter biting me). It helps kill the germs and the wintergreen is soothing. If I don't have wintergreen alcohol, I use regular rubbing alcohol. Then I put calamine lotion or caladryl on it. This will keep the swelling down. I also take Zyrtec regularly.
—Guest Scratch

Turned Viral?

I have been allergic to mosquito bites since I was a child, but I am concerned over a change I just experienced. The bite marks have always swelled any where from quarter size to baseball. The size seems to depend upon not only how much I scratch the surface but what kind of muscle activity lies directly beneath the bite. Anyway, I took a day trip and I didn't have my spray on. I came home with a quarter sized patch on my abdomen. It looked and itched the same as usual, but six days later, little pin tip sized red bumps started showing up, scattered on the healthy tissue around, then later on the original red patch which had a ring. No blisters, no pain. I went to a walk in clinic. Shingles was diagnosed. But I know Shingles, it spreads through the nerves, it blisters, and is usually extremely painful. (Besides, though this guy mentioned Shingles being contagious, he touched it with his bare finger, then licked said finger to turn a page) Possible Mosquito bite turned viral?
—Guest Paula from PA

Different experience with bites

My daughter was bit by a mosquito on her eyebrow when she was 18 months old. She woke up the next morning with half her face swollen and eye swollen shut. Docs gave her an antibiotic to avoid infection in brain and steroid to calm swelling. All good until 2 weeks later when she broke out in erythema multiforma "rash" all over from head to toe. It was under her hair even. It itched her, she was swollen everywhere and she had joint pain. She was this way for months. People avoided her as she looked contagious. It was crazy. It's thought that it comes from a hypersensitivity so a medicine, virus or other. I've always thought it was the mosquito bite. It took 2 years for the severe "rash" to go away. She's been taking Zyrtec for almost 5 years now to keep the rash and seasonal allergies down. She still gets small spots when her seasonal allergies are bothering her. Her reaction to mosquito bites is not severe now but maybe the Zyrtec helps.
—Guest TARC

Best preventative for mosquito bited

I have been taking thiamine daily during the summer months and rarely get a bite, even after sundown. I do use insect repellents in the evening too but those around me get multiple bites snd I get none.
—Guest Kathy

Mosquito bite cure

If I can get Benadryl Gel on mine in the first couple of minutes after I get bit they aren't too bad. But if I don't realize it is there until later I am in for 2 to 3 weeks before it is gone. I have 3 today that are driving me nuts! I think I will try the Zyrtec and vitamin B1 for sure.
—Guest Shelley

the ONLY real relief I've ever found

I swear my skin is out to get me. Zinc, Vitamin E, adhesive bandages, these should not cause itchy rash/blisters. I have never had a mosquito bite smaller than the diameter of a golf ball. And any itch or bite treatment either works for between 10 seconds and 10 minutes, or burns and ultimately only makes it worse. Ice helps a bit, but only applied directly, which isn't good for very long. I have been laid up in bed for a week or two with bites on my legs that people are astonished at. The only thing I can do to deal with them is a little risky, and doesn't always work. If you look carefully at the bite, while it's still fresh and relatively small, you may see a tiny blister or hole where the penetration happened. You won't always find it. But when I do find it, I sanitize the area and a needle or straight razor, and lance it. There's a risk of infection, and if you don't get it all out, it doesn't work. But it doesn't get much bigger, itches much less, and goes away much faster.
—Guest monkeytoast

Mosquito bites

Previously, my reaction to mosquito bites was different. I have in the past lived in three different locations of the city. Two of these areas got the same results when I got bitten by mosquitoes with itchy swellings on every spot. I have been told that I have acute allergic conditions. Mosquitoes just seem to smell me in a room of 10 and will come for me for a bite. I do not sweat a lot and I am a very clean and hygienic person. Due to the allergies, when I use mosquito repellants, I sneeze a lot. Constant use of the repellants and insecticides has been discouraged by the doctor. Thanks for your experiences which I am going to try out and be sure to get feedback.
—Guest Ceazer


well belive me the very best thing for any insects bites is to put the heat of the hair dryer on were it itches it stops the itching for hours, this really works belive me.
—Guest marie

I think I am mildly allergic

I noticed despite wearing long sleeve that if the meterial is thin. they can bite right through it.
—Guest tad

Skeeter misery in Missouri

All my life, living here where rivers and woods are an all the Time thing, I've been bitten by everything! Two years ago, I got a regular mosquito bite on my arm and it swelled an inch high with like runners coming off of the bite area. The itching was literally maddening. I cries it got so bad. Last summer- significantly worst. THIS SUMMER... I have nightmares. Dr said I had skeeter syndrome. The sprays don't seem to work on the ones here (pond mosquito) and last month I nearly died. In 5 minutes & maybe 8-10 bites I went into severe anaphalactic shock. The next day- I do not ever remember being sicker. I now use Avon SSS daily. Carry an epi pen and Benadryl everywhere. Mosquitoes make me panic so bad. I have nightmares that there is one in the bedroom and wake up hysterical. I guess you could say mosquitoes are my boogey man. Skin So Soft works where others don't. I would be interested In hearing from others with allergies to mosquitoes similar to mine. amyhatfield1177@gmail.com
—Guest Amy Hatfield


My three year old daughter has a bite on her leg and its red swollen and really hard it also is feverish ..what do I do and why is it hard??
—Guest MeechaD

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Best Ways to Deal with Mosquito Allergy

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