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Readers Respond: Dealing With Sulfa Drug Allergy

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Updated May 12, 2009

damn immune system

i took bactrim for a urinary problem and 3 hours after taking my first dose i developed hives all over my face and neck
—Guest anon y mouse

What is the longest duration from Bactri

Seems every where I read most have reaction dor a week to ten days. I's been 2 months with tongu Are there are drinkers and smokers out there? HELP!
—Guest Sugar


Bactrin is Awful! My tongue has been swollen for 2 months. Does anyone know how long this can last? I also smoke 6 cigs and 3 cocktails a day. HELP!
—Guest Sugar

Anaphylactic shock

I have taken bactrim all my life. On this particular day, I was taking bactrim for a UTI. 20 minutes after taking it I started itching all over; scalp, palms of hands and feet. I kept clearing my throat which at that point I knew there was something seriously wrong. I told myself "I will go take some Benedryl use the bathroom then I will call someone" I laid my phone down on the end of the coffee table, went and done what I said, and as I bent down to pick up my phone to call someone I passed out. I knew I was having convulsions but I couldn't do anything about it and I couldn't see anything and then all of a sudden I came to in between the couch and coffee table with my dog standing on the couch looking at me like I was crazy. I got someone to take me to the ER. My whole body was red all over. They shot me with an epi-pen and gave me steroids through IV
—Guest Jessica R


Bactrim reaction - 30 days with swollen tongue from it. ANYONE please tell me how long this effect is going to last.
—Guest Trisha Espolt

Flu-Like Symptoms

I took Bactrim for a minor UTI that I wanted to nip in the bud. The first dose made me super nauseous, but I figured it was nothing, because a lot of antibiotics do that to me. Then I developed a fever that carried into the next two days. The second day I got really itchy on my lips and the skin similar to it, so I took benedryl. Throughout all of this, I had a throbbing headache so bad it was debilitating. The third day I went back to the doctor, who said it was either a pseudotumor or I'm just allergic to Sulfa drugs. No more nasty side effects! I'm still dealing with the left overs of the sulfa allergy, like raw skin, split lips, and extreme tiredness, but I'll take it.
—Guest Jordy K

Horrible Bactrim rash

I was away on vacation, taking Bactrim for sinus..last day of it, I started to get light headed, small rash, flew home, now as I sit and type this, horrible itchy hives all over, even my eye lids. Went to the dr. she gave me a shot, continue benadryl and to start steroid heavy dosages for five days. I am miserable, look terrible, itchy and hot..never, ever again
—Guest Jen

Bactrim Allergic Reaction

I took Bactrim for a staph infection in July that came from a bad case of poison oak. Two months later, I had an allergic reaction to the Bactrim. I began breaking out in red rashes with hives and itching terribly on my hands and feet. All places of rash/itching were blood red. The patches moved from place to place. I went to the Urgent Care Unit and was told 1 out of 20 people can get an allergic reaction for up to 6 months after taking the medicine. I was given a steriod shot and told to take OTC allergy meds. After the itching would stop, my hands felt like they had 3rd degree burns. My eyes felt like they had sand in them and itched terribly. According to the PA, anyone can have an allergic reaction as long as six months later which really surprised me!!
—Guest Leslie Mason


I have had an allergic reaction to celebrex because of my allergy to sulpha.
—Guest susan

Reaction to Bactrim

I will never take bactrim again. I was on my 7th day when I took bactrim prior to going to bed. I woke up with hives & blotches between my thighs & on my arms. I took benadryl & it was gone in no time. The next day I took the bactrim again & the breakouts were worse. The itching seems unbearable & the benadryl seems to wear off rather quickly. Saw the dr today who gave me a shot of decadron with instructions to go to emergency if worsen. This medication is horrific & should be band from the market arm
—Guest Catherine McClendon

Acute intermittant Porphyria disease

Sulfa drugs are dangerous with this rare inherited disease.
—Guest Adell Dietrich

Anaflyatic shock to sulfa"s and rocephin

Never do you think that you can take a medication several times, and on the 5th time of my dorcot giving a patient this medication, im suprised, after the first pill swallowed, i was almost dead, being rushed to the E.R. my ambulace. i was having an allergic reaction, and it was bad. severe.. i felt myself passing out, luckily my 10 yr old daughter was there to call 911. I was getting weaker, blood pressure was dangerously low, the couldnt get a heart beat, they couldnt hear it. my body temp. was below 97. and your freezing. after 5 hours with a 20 person staff in one critical care unit, i was back on my feet, heading home. the doctor said, thats the quickest he has seen that reaction.
—Guest Vicki


I was prescribed celebrex for RA, Since I developed ulcers from too much ibuprofen. This morning, 10 days after starting "C", hives, all over my body, went to instacare, Dr. Said it was the "C", prescribed prednisone, benedryl & Zertec. Tonight, the hives are much worse.
—Guest Sabina lindquist

I am so allergic to sulfa

My allergy to sulfa actually started with Celabrex.It was horrible.i began itching and i swelled up like the girl in the willie wonka but i was red not blue.My heartrate was now in the 150's and my resperations were short and rapid.Before i knew they had Nitrastat under my tongue and they were shooting me up through my iv with benedryl....i was there for 2 days and they constantly had to re medicate me until the meds were out of my system.I use to abuse diet pills and i loved wine and now i cant take diet pillls or even think about drinking any alcohol because i am Hypersensitive to even trace amounts of sulfa.I AM EVEN ALLERGIC TO TRIPLE ANTIBIOTIC and toothpaste along with sulfa based shampoos.I have found that even though i wear a bracelet in the hospital saying i have a sulfa allergy,well most people even trained medical personnel dont realize that triple antibiotic and soap is sulfa based.i have to be my own advocate.So wherever you go for healthcare you must be your own advocat
—Guest vagirl007

Reaction to sulfameth/trimethoprim

o n my knee Early on my palms i Early on my palms itched BAD, just for a few min, but by taking the 10th pill, started feeling sick like coming up with something, next day, still felt ill - then that evening, fever of 101 and I was aching all over, kept thinking flu even tho not flu season I mean, what else could it be,right? Next day felt alittle better fever broke thot maybe I was getting over "the flu" but by evening fever spiked, stayed in bed kept downing Tylenol aches got more intense, esp my hip joints What the heck is going on with my body??? MISERABLE! Next day same thing only WORSE Not moving around much just very sick fever spiked to103. Broke out in rash which got so bad I was one big red blob! The rash before it got so bad made me think it might be Lymes FINALLY went to dr Shot me with steroid sent me home with benadryl and Prednisone went to sleep woke up a couple hrs later a new person! BUT I was a VERY sick person!
—Guest Debbie

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Dealing With Sulfa Drug Allergy

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