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Readers Respond: Dealing With Sulfa Drug Allergy

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Updated May 12, 2009

Sulfa Allergy And Celebrex

After taking a sulfa antibiotic for two or three days I was covered in a fine, burning, red rash from head to toe and a fever upwards of 103. I was delirious so my sister had to contact the doctor. Cool baths, Benedryl, baking soda paste provided some relief. It took about a week to recover enough to function after my sulfa reaction. A couple years later my doctor tried Celebrex, the reaction was not as severe as to the antibiotic but it was similar, fine red rash, mild fever with the first dose of Celebrex. I have also had a bad reaction to Imitrex, not sure if they are related. I received an injection while in the ER for a migraine. I felt as if my veins were on fire as it travelled through my system. I wanted to die and all the ER could do was give me Benedryl and a place to rest until the reaction passed enough for me to go home. Most recently I had a poor reaction to Dyazide (diuretic). My doctor should have been aware that it contained sulfonamide. Know your drugs.
—Guest Diz

help for sulfa allergy

I have just tried Gold Bond medicated body powder and it works better than anything I've used. It now comes in extra strength Gold Bond- a green plastic bottle. I've tried benadryl, zyrtec and monastat vaginal cream with not much relief.
—Guest judy

Itchy Like Fire

I took a sulfa pill twice a day for a week because of an infected insect bite. I took the last pill on Thursday morning. Friday afternoon at my mom's I scratched like crazy on my arms and legs. Put on skin cream. Got home later in the evening and itched so bad I could hardly stand it. Used cortisone cream for the itch; later during the night, I woke up itching like fire and took a cool shower. Worked until morning when I took another shower. Took one of my husbands's ceterizine, then later took a Benadryl. None of it's helping. I just want to scratch it no matter what happens. My lips feel live they're sunburned, too. Aside from an allergy to Jergen's soap, I've never experienced an allergic reaction to any medication. The rash has turned fiery red on my back, arms, legs, stomach, and upper chest. I'm ready to head to the emergency room if this doesn't clear up.....
—Guest Lauren

Acute allergy on top of ruptured Achille

I was given a sulphur drug after surgery on my ruptured Achilles tendon. Took for 8 days and started nausea and fever. Ended up rushed to hospital with 105 temp. Achy, vomiting, couldn't sleep. Severe rash, all over my body. Docs narrowed it down to severe reaction to Sulpha. Am on Benedryl & Darvacet. Ate my first real meal tonight. This sulpha med is BAD stuff.
—Guest Cathy Zion


I have a huge burn on my leg and have been using Silvadene, I have used it for 3 weeks now and for the past 2 days I have been sick. I checked the ingredients and found out it is a sulfa derivative which I am severely allergic to!!!! So I am going to stop using the sulfa and see if I feel better, that is all I can think of that is making me feel this way. I am sick to my stomach, diarrhea and dizzy. Hope that does the trick. ***Please check with your doctor and inform him/her of your symptoms immediately and if you should stop using the cream. Dr More***
—Guest Shelley


I saw on your information that no cases had been reported about sulfa allergies related to celebres. I took one celebrex tablet and within a few hours had sores. My doctor knew I was allergic to sulfa, but did not know that celebrex contained sulfa. I was initially treated in the er. It took weeks to heal the sores. They were huge and had to be dressed to avoid infection. I was just a few days from being put into a chamber for infections when the sores begin to show signs of healing. It was a very trying time.
—Guest alice


I have taken augmentin for 3 yrs. for a uti and the last time I took it my joint in my finger started to swell and looked like I might be getting a boil or infection, so I went to a skin specialist and the first thing she asked me was, was I taking a med. for a bladder infection--she said to stop taking it and in 2 days it was almost cleared up. She told never to take aug. again and I haven't.
—Guest Darla

Allergic to Celebrex, Sulfas & Sulfites

I only took 1 Celebrex when I was 20 for a joint injury and had severe whole body joint pain, body aching, and I could barely get out of bed for about 2 days afterward. Sulfamethoxazole caused severe head pressure shortly after my 2nd dose, which lead to disorientation and then the "suicidal migraine". Sulfites what can I say they are in just about everything, I am currently 32 and experiencing tongue swelling, hives and swelling of my throat. I am not eating anything labeled or known to contain sulfites (I miss you chocolate), so companies are not labeling correctly. For gauging purposes of my allergy/sensitivity it's about 10 minutes from consumption of flaked coconut or soy sauce to simultaneously violent total body evacuation. I get migraines, flu-like symptoms, trouble breathing, but do not have asthma. I have been diagnosed with non-allergic rhinitis, tested negative for bee and wasp stings. I have had 2 severe reactions both occurring in areas where sulfur is in the mud water
—Guest Sick of Additives

16 weeks

i been taking rhis sufer drug for a toe infection,,sick feeling and my joints hurts,hope this fixs my infection mbut nasty stuff
—Guest wayne maness

Side Effects of Sulfa Antibiotics

I have a friend that's been on sulfa antibiotics for an infected toe caused by a thumb tack for over 9 weeks now and he has 2 more weeks left to take them. He is having joint pain in his hands, fingers and arms. Is this caused by these antibiotics. He is on about 1600 mg. I think a day.
—Guest Lynn

Sulfa Reaction

Within 15 minutes of taking any medication that contains sulfa, I experience a feeling that I can only describe as an electric shock. It lasts only a second, so I think it occurs as the medication enters my system. Has this happened to anyone else? It scares the heck out of me.
—Guest Pat

This sucks

Im in the middle of my first sulfa reaction! Any suggestions to help tolerate this awfull pain and itching would be greatly apreciated! Hives and welts all over my body, lips swollen, and I hurt like hell! Benedryll and antihystimines are not really helping!

Not A Good Experience

I have a severe strain of staff infection. Dr put me on Augmentin and Septra combined. After a few days, my skin looks like I have the chicken pox and it itches like crazy. Dr told me that it would take 3 or more days being off the meds before my body would flush it out and start healing. Never have had a reaction this bad. I wish that Doctors would be more informed about side effects before freely prescribing this doozy of a drug. It is known to be one of the best to kill staff infections, but it also causes the most pain. Thankfully I am on another med/antibiotic that will work.
—Guest J


the intense itching from sulfa antibiotic usually lasted over two weeks for me, and after recovery, it still recurs periodically, every several weeks- just itching, not much redness. Only took it once and only three tablets. Never again.
—Guest talerl


Your info stated tht no one with Sulfa allergy has reported reaction to Celebrex. I had a bad reaction to Celebrex.
—Guest Marilyn Butler

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