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Readers Respond: Top Causes of Sneezing

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Updated January 01, 2010

From the article: Sneezing
What causes you to sneeze? Sneezing is a reflex caused by various nerves in the mucous membranes of the nose, and can be triggered by hay fever, the common cold, and all sorts of irritants. Most people will sneeze with exposure to various irritants, such as black pepper or a feather in the nose. Other people sneeze in dusty environments, which could represent an allergy to dust mites, or possibly an irritant reaction to dust. Some people even sneeze with strong emotions or with exposure to bright sunlight. What causes you to sneeze? Have an interesting story? Share yours today.

i sneeze like mad

i always sneeze whenever i percieve something that my nose is allergic to and when i sneeze, mucus always comes out with it.Though i dont cough but my nose and throat, keeps itching me.i want to really know what the problem is? Thank you.
—Guest xquizite

My problem

I started having sneezing problems at around the age of 12, and since then it has become an everyday issue. Everymornig when I wake up from bed, I have to sneeze, and even during the night when I turn myself in bed, I do sneeze. Sometimes I even scartch my eyes and more often my ears and throat get itchy too, to the extent that I feel like scratching the innermost parts of them. During the day, when there is any weather change, whether from cold to hot or vice-versa, I have to sneeze. This problem always disturbs me when Iam doing school exams coz I usally have to waste some minutes sneezing. I have even developed a running nose on some occasions. I have tried taking some allergy pills like citrizen but all in vain! Pllease I need your help because I even often make noise for my classmates during lessons, and I can't keep moving out coz it's too often. It gets more embarrasing during meal times when I have to sneeze when people are eating. I appreciate all your help!
—Guest Dorynah

Taking pills

Taking pills, whether it be a vitamin or analgesic, triggers the sneezing reflex...wonder why?
—Guest Robert

Sneezing issues

well I've been having sneezing issues since the day i was born i guess,not issues really but an average person sneezes not more than once or twice..not the case with me as i normally sneeze not less than three times. its very embarrassing sometimes especially when I'm in a public setting or so,i have to control my sneeze,also i have developed a "runny nose" since the past few years or so im 18 and this conditions gets worse with climate changes. i take rigix when my nose gets runny some mornings and the side effect of the medicine is that i feel sleepy most of the time... my mother thinks this is because my nose is very sensitive and i may be allergic to dust and other strong odors and air particles,however I'm still not sure,sometimes its not so bad but sometimes after i wash my face every morning i feel very sneezy and itchy in the nose,my day goes rotten! also i have this habit of rubbing my eyes every once in a while so could this be in any way related? help appreciated!
—Guest anony
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