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Readers Respond: How Alcohol Allergy Affects Different People

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Updated May 21, 2009

its not only in the glass

I am 34, and can't have any alcohol. Nny food can't be cooked in it. I can't eat salad with vinegar dressing. There is red or white wine in them. Same as sugar free ice cream. Sugar alcohols do the same. Just the other night I got take out. I tried their special sauce. 15 mins of not less I es blacking our with running in my ears. Feeling nausea and weak face flush then face burning then hair on top of my head tingled till I broke out in sweat. It was my most scary reaction as of yet. Wish my doctors would believe me before I land in the ER
—Guest kiky778

Swollen Lip and Hives

After any ingestion of alcohol, within 15 minutes I get an awful burning sensation in my lower lip as swells up. It's very painful. I end up with a fat lower lip and hives on my face and other parts of my body. Any alcohol causes this reaction.
—Guest Laura

Alcohol Allergy

Hi Karen, I know exactly how you feel. I used to think it was just vodka as just a small amount makes me severely sick throwing up. I ended up in the hospital recently. I can drink beer, wine, rum not problems and one sip within 15 min or so I'm throwing up. I've reacted this way to some liquors which say vodka or spirit based. Gin doesn't like me either. Went to doctor she gave me an epipen and said this is serious. I'm waiting to go for allergy tests to find out what it is that affects me so bad. Most people don't understand and say it's from drinking to much. Well if one sip is drinking too much, I don't know. I know exactly how you feel and it sucks especially when people don't understand. Go for allergy tests.
—Guest Karen

possible alcohol allergy

I drink socially once in a great while, and I always keep cautious about drinking. However, last night I drank cheap vodka called Seagrams and orange juice. I didn't notice anything until I went home the next morning and took a shower. I came out with red itchy bumps all over my chest, abdomen and back! My face was also flushed. So far I haven't had any other symptoms like rapid heartbeat or fever. But the rashes are hella annoying!
—Guest lee


I'm 30 and have been an alcoholic for 10 years, but recently I noticed I always have at least 2 or 3 big, fat white-head pimples on my stomach the next morning after drinking. I never had these before.
—Guest Krash

aldehyde dehydrogenase deficiency

These symptoms are related to the deficiency cited in the title to this post. Feel free to google it. My doctor diagnosed me in 2009 at age 33. I used to only react from vodka, which I then avoided, but this year it moved to wine and beer as well. I become EXTREMELY red in the face and break out in red blotches on my neck, arms and upper torso. I also experience numbness in my face, breathing difficulty and swallowing difficulty. When I first started reacting (during college), my ears would just get a little hot and my face would lightly flush, but over the years it has continued to worsen, which my doctor said is normal. It is most commonly found in people of Asian descent (of which I am not), but the the most common secondary groups effected are people of Irish or Native American descent, of which I am both. This disorder also dramatically increases your risk of certain cancers. I've been a regular drinker for years. Good luck!!


when I drink scotch, I get itching and red around my eyes. I am extremely fatigued and i have stomach problems.q
—Guest chris

allergic to alcohol

While I was in college I drank 2 beers and the next morning I was covered in red, raised hives. Of course I freaked out! But I want to know is can I take a new sleep aid with hops in it? I haven't had a beer since that experience. Should I try the sleep aid or let it be(good title for a song huh?)?
—Guest angie

Rehab after drinking

I normally breakout in rehab when I drink alocohol. Is that considered a allergy. My body does not react the way normal peoples bodies do
—Guest Dennis

red and shortness of breath

i some times only have a couple of drinks then i feel my self going red and then i find it hard to breath wot can i do to stop this
—Guest pw

Alcohol Allergy

I can't get past 2 Alcoholic drinks without getting Severe Chest pains, The sweats, pain up my left arm, horrible headaches, my heart goes fast and doubling over in pain for a few hours which feels like an Eternity. Even a sip of Alcohol causes it so all i can do is stay away, It's a scary experience so all i do now is steer clear from it. And Alcohol is the only thing that causes these Side affects, Food im fine with.. Weird isnt it?
—Guest Megan

I have every symptom..

I have only drank a few times, mostly beer & tequila, and every time I drink I puke right away, even if it's only a sip; I get wheezy, my face turns red, & my neck swells up, and I feel SO incredibly miserable. My mom has the same thing, and I also have asthma and am asian.. I thought I was the only person who was allergic to alcohol! When I tell people they think i'm kidding, but it really does suck, and i'm hoping to get to the bottom of this and find out what exactly is causing it.. anyone else experience this too?
—Guest Allie

bloodshot eyes and heartbeat feeling

if i drink 90ml alcohol few min later i suffer from bloodshot eyes and pounding heartbeat after few hrs i will be okay what is the reason
—Guest prasanna

Why I get allergy for drinking beer?

Ok I drink coronas..at first it didnt do anything but lately went I drink and then I stop drinking I get this red bumps and they are super itchy I get it everywere and I thought it was a bug that bite me but I notices this happen went I drink and then I stop drinking I get it again ? Plz help is this is bad or something
—Guest Sandra

Face gets hot, red

So I bought some Mike's Hard Lime for the first time and drank two. My face got really hot and red, and I felt really strange. I honestly felt like I had gotten high. Now, I have been drunk, tipsy, every stage of enebriation, but I have never felt my body react like that. My limbs suddenly felt heavy and numb. It passed quickly, but my face stayed red and uncomfortably hot for almost two hours. I realized this only seems to happen when I drink something with tequila, so I did some looking, and it sounds like I (and some of the other posters) may have a sulfite allergy/sensitivity???
—Guest Dinah

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How Alcohol Allergy Affects Different People

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