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Readers Respond: How Alcohol Allergy Affects Different People

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Updated May 21, 2009

Mist and 7

I usually had a Canadaian Mist and diet 7-up in the evening for the past 25 years. This last year and mostly recently this last month noticed I was turning red in the face and itching. So, experimented. Had a fruity drink with amareto in it and nothing. Next time had the mist and 7 and turned red and about itched to death. So, conclusion....no mist and 7. Somehow picked up a allergic reaction to it. Why? Have no idea. Just started severely this last month. Thought it was because I was tanning and itching. Then noticed it only came in the evening and after a coctail. Figured it out and can certainly change what I drink.
—Guest itchy

Reaction after drinking

I drank on Friday, my body reacted weird to the alcohol. I started to become red and my heart was beating so rapidly. I got home that night hoping it will go away. A couple of hours later my body started to itch. Since then my body has been itching for almost three days now. I'm quite confused, maybe even scared. This never happened to me before. I wonder if this is alcohol allergy? I can't stand the itchyness!
—Guest Mark

itchiness after drinking alcohol

its interesting that i thought im the only one whose experiencing these sudden reactions in my body evrytime I take even just a single sip of red wine.i noticed this earlier last christmas when i opened up a bottle of red wine. actualy, that was the first time i drank alcoholic beverages. after drinking half a glass, i felt my whole face burning and it turned red.i had difficulty breathing and my heart was beating so fast.i felt strange at how my entire body reacted because i hadn't felt that way before. i managed to sleep that night because i really had a terrible headache and i wanted to relax.the next morning i woke up with rashes all over my body from my neck, extremities and mostly at my back.those hives were so red and itchy.it stayed for a week.i suspected i got allergies to alcohol.i tried drinking again this new year and the rashes appeared just a minute after i drank and i vomited evrything.is this really an allergy?how can i get immunized to it?
—Guest sherry


The day after a night of drinking socially. I break out in hives on my hands & wrists!! It's brutal. Scratch, scratch!! Anyways, before I was pregnant w/ my son about 2years ago this had started, but then I became pregnant and obviously hadn't been drinking. After I had him, I would indulge in a glass of wine or two from time to time... no hives! Just recently it has come back again. Usually when drinking wine, beer or vodka!!
—Guest Natasha

Red faced

Drank beer for 20 years then all of a sudden only one small drink of beer or any type of alcohol, and my face would get really hot and very red and this would stay for sometimes for days,have limited the intake but still suffer the embarresment of the instantly red face, any helpful hints on how to solve this problem, Or any other possible more serious problems related to this problem.
—Guest don

shoulder pain and itching

I get very uncomfortable paing in my shoulder areas ater I have a drink. Also I have been dealing with a itchy rash that gets worse after I have any alcoholic drink. I'd sure like to know what's causing this.

Alcohol makes me sick

The truth is I'm underage but I haven't actually had a full drink or anything but I have taken a sip of some different things before. But every time I have (with the exception of things so low in alcohol that they're counted as non-alcoholic) I feel really sick to my stomach. Also I seem to be able to detect it extremely well compared to others.
—Guest Michael

Sudden reaction

I always reacted to drinking wine by nasal dryness..swelling. Then a few years later I turned bright red in the face and neck area. Now if I drink alcohol at all..wine, beer and now Kaluha. I also noticed a prep for a colonoscopy made me very ill..first with the same reaction of a bright red, burning face and itching and vomitting. Think my days of any alcohol at all or SULFITES in other things...are over. BE VERY CAREFUL if you react to alcohol...there are other things that will cause an immediate reaction. Scarry. Now I have an EPI pen for immediate injection when I react. Worth researching...this could be deadly.

Alcohol Allergy

My symtoms mimic anaphalaxis. I get a sharp pain in my diaphram area and feel like I cannot breathe (although I am). This can be triggered from something as small as food cooked with alcohol or pie with alcohol as an ingredient. As a result (and an incredibly bad attack) I have not comsumed - and avoided - any and all alcohol products. I am so sensitve that I can generally tell when it has hit my tongue and can taste it...and spit it out.
—Guest janmhm

allergy to alcohol?

I have drank alcohol for yrs. Last year I started to notice that when I drink it triggers my sinus terribly. I cant breathe out of my nose until the liquor is almost out of my system. Depending on how much I drink, I will sneeze alot. My nose starts to run and I get a terrible headache the following morning. I also have noticed that my lower arms are weak and my hands get numb. I have read about the allergies of alcohol and wondered if I have it as well. Will it be all alcohol or just some that I will be allergic to? I usually drink the same thing. Should I switch to see if it is the certain type or just not even try to drink?
—Guest Lynnae

throat closes with one sip of alcohol!

I am 64 yrs. old and have socially drank my whole life.,but in the last 6 months I cannot have a sip without my throat closing up.
—Guest trixie

allergic symptoms to wine MAKING

I am an amateur home winemaker. When my fermentations get underway, I experience hay fever symptoms. Am I sensitive to the yeast? Co2? Or potassium metabisulfite? I am fine DRINKING wine, just not making it!
—Guest lisa

new allergy?

I have never had unusual reactions to alcohol until a few years ago when I realized more than a few drinks would generally result in insomnia or a really bad nights sleep. Then about 8-9 months ago I developed a reaction to just one drink. Usually fast or hard heartbeat, tightness in my chest and indigestion. Luckily these symptoms went along with a total lack of desire to drink which was strange enough in itself as I do like my cocktails! I dont know how common it is to develop allergies later in life (late 30's) and if it is connected to something else.
—Guest jessica


—Guest ANAND

can wine cause chronic indigestion?

I`ve been suffering with chronic indigestion since last Xmas. I drink wine most nights... I know that cant be good! I have had every test going and all they came up with is mild oesopthagitis, for which they had me on ppi that made me really ill! Came off them and gave up wine for a week and was feeling a bit better. Had a glass last night and ill again today! could it have been the wine all along?
—Guest louise Dawson

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