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Readers Respond: How Alcohol Allergy Affects Different People

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Updated May 21, 2009

Many people have asked me whether or not it is possible to be allergic to alcohol. The answer is yes. Symptoms can range from flushing to nausea to itching to shortness of breath. If you have an alcohol allergy, share your experiences with having a reaction. How do you deal with it?

Alcohol Allergy

I can't get past 2 Alcoholic drinks without getting Severe Chest pains, The sweats, pain up my left arm, horrible headaches, my heart goes fast and doubling over in pain for a few hours which feels like an Eternity. Even a sip of Alcohol causes it so all i can do is stay away, It's a scary experience so all i do now is steer clear from it. And Alcohol is the only thing that causes these Side affects, Food im fine with.. Weird isnt it?
—Guest Megan

I have every symptom..

I have only drank a few times, mostly beer & tequila, and every time I drink I puke right away, even if it's only a sip; I get wheezy, my face turns red, & my neck swells up, and I feel SO incredibly miserable. My mom has the same thing, and I also have asthma and am asian.. I thought I was the only person who was allergic to alcohol! When I tell people they think i'm kidding, but it really does suck, and i'm hoping to get to the bottom of this and find out what exactly is causing it.. anyone else experience this too?
—Guest Allie

bloodshot eyes and heartbeat feeling

if i drink 90ml alcohol few min later i suffer from bloodshot eyes and pounding heartbeat after few hrs i will be okay what is the reason
—Guest prasanna

Why I get allergy for drinking beer?

Ok I drink coronas..at first it didnt do anything but lately went I drink and then I stop drinking I get this red bumps and they are super itchy I get it everywere and I thought it was a bug that bite me but I notices this happen went I drink and then I stop drinking I get it again ? Plz help is this is bad or something
—Guest Sandra

Face gets hot, red

So I bought some Mike's Hard Lime for the first time and drank two. My face got really hot and red, and I felt really strange. I honestly felt like I had gotten high. Now, I have been drunk, tipsy, every stage of enebriation, but I have never felt my body react like that. My limbs suddenly felt heavy and numb. It passed quickly, but my face stayed red and uncomfortably hot for almost two hours. I realized this only seems to happen when I drink something with tequila, so I did some looking, and it sounds like I (and some of the other posters) may have a sulfite allergy/sensitivity???
—Guest Dinah

red faced

after I drink ANY alcohol I get red faced and blotchy red neck, I thought it was just tequila in the margarita's, I like to go out with a friend once a week to have ONE and my face would become red and my neck would turn red, now my husband and I just celebrated our 1st anniversary and my cheeks got so raised and swollen I only had one margarita. I had some wine a couple nights ago and it happened again, I had a margarita and my faced was red and then I got red blotches on my neck and under my chin!! how frustrating

red spots on my stomach

After I have just 2 drinks I start to get red bumps all over my stomach...& it goes away in about a week
—Guest B

girlfriend cannot drink

My girlfriend literally cannot handle alcohol. she got extremelt inebrieted from a sip mikes hard lemonde. Less than a tablespoon and she was wasted. Is there anyone.out there with similar reactions? We aren't having her drink anymore till we find ouy if its dangerous. Any info would be appreciated
—Guest Philip

Arm and chest burning after drinking

I also experience arm pain and chest burning after drinking so I don't anymore but does anyone know what it could mean?

Rash/Hives day after drinking beer

i'm 25white female, twice now i've had 2-3 beers in the evening. the next day i would wake up fine, but as soon as noon time hit, my head would start throbbing and my ears turn beat red, then i get so itchy on my scalp that i want to rip my hair out. Shortly after i get small red hives all over my body with goosebumps for hours, I'm so itchy that i want to rip my skin off. I have to take benadryl, sleep it off for 5 hrs and then i begin to feel better. sucks. but i don't like beer that much anyways. so, game over for beer.
—Guest MarBear

Hives after drinking

I've been drinking, a little on the heavy side, for ten years and never had any issues. But recently I've started to break out in hives TERRIBLY the days after drinking. The few days after drinking any time I eat something I break out and I'm half convinced that the antihistamine the doctor suggested makes it worse. It makes me wanna puck and pass out and has no effect on the hives. I think my liver has given up on me. I'll be going to the doctor to ask about it tomorrow and see what I can do to detox it and see if that helps because I'm suck of these itchy bastards.
—Guest Stephanie

beer makes me so sick but not malted ...

i get so sick also, red faced, hot/feverish, vomiting from beer now. But i can drink a smirnoff ice and a mikes hard lemonade (malted liquor) does that make sense to anyone>?
—Guest redhotface

R&R Whiskey?

Im 22 and i drink randomly all the time. My roommate has different bottles all the time. well last night he had this whiskey and after 3 drinks i noticed that my hands were blotchy and looked in the mirror and i was blotchy everywhere. i woke up this morning and they were gone. this hasnt ever happened before. i thought all whiskeys were made the same. hmmm?
—Guest Kristi


i have been drinking for like 10 years maybe more but in a very disciplined way, i mean i never drink more than 3 small drinks that too just once a month. till now everything was fine but suddenly the last time & the one before that, a day after i drank i experienced breathlessness, i'm 45 years old. at first i thought it was wine because i read it somewhere that sulphides in red wine may cause such a reaction in some people then it was beer & now its whiskey. till about a few months ago i was absolutely fine & now suddenly this, I'm completely perplexed as to what may the reason be
—Guest gummibear

Itchy palms soles

I've noticed that the last two times I drank beer the next day I have an almost severe case of itchy palms and soles. The first time it lasted a day, the second its lasted for 5-7 days.
—Guest Marrah

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