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Readers Respond: How Alcohol Allergy Affects Different People

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Updated May 21, 2009

Many people have asked me whether or not it is possible to be allergic to alcohol. The answer is yes. Symptoms can range from flushing to nausea to itching to shortness of breath. If you have an alcohol allergy, share your experiences with having a reaction. How do you deal with it? Share Your Story

extreme dizziness and itchy feet

I drink any alcohol and I suffer from severe dizziness, heart palpitations, a feeling of being high and really itchy red feet. Started out with just bad hangover the day after drinking just one drink and has progressed to this stage. Time for an allergist. Sigh.
—Guest reb

Red face and heavy breathing

I'm a social drinker and 23 every now and then I tend to get a red face and very hot and sometimes heavy breathing or all the same time??
—Guest Sick

Burning of Ear

Please tell me what causes my ears to burn when I drink wine or beer. I am a social drinker and this is annoying.
—Guest sophia


I am 39 and have drank socially since 18 or so. I'm fine while drinking. It's normally the next day and always depends on the amount I drank. My lips start to tingle and it seems like the more I talk or eat, anything moving my lips makes the tingling worse to where my lips actually look puckered. So wierd. The other night I had 1 beer and it tingled just a little the next day. Not much at all. Very annoying.
—Guest CJ

Heavy headed

I was out drinking Friday night after work with a couple co workers, we went out for a game at a corner bar the next night. After 2 beers my face became red and blouchy. My head felt heavy, full of pressure. I drank a water and went outside. After a few minutes I felt good, I sat down for a bit and then became extremely cold. I went home and passed out. When I woke up my face was normal but my head still had a bit of pressure.
—Guest Nhare87

Red flushed face

I have been drinking socially since I was 18. At 32, I got a red hot face one day drinking a Mango beer. I'd never had any symptoms before ever drinking any type of drink. It went away after 15min and then another beer had no symptoms. A few weeks later I got a red face again drinking my regular lager beer. Now I get it regularly, but not all the time, on the first beer or cider I have regardless of brand or brew. I very rarely drink spirits or wine so I don't know if it's alcohol or some yeast or brewing ingredient I'm possibly allergic too.
—Guest BMS

alcohol allergy?

I have been drinking strait tequila with a gatorade chaser for atleast a year now and this will be the 3rd time my face, arms, chest and stomach has turned red and splotchy. It feels like something heavy is sitting on my chest and making it hard to breathe. I take a drink of kids benadryl and 20 minutes later im good. This is weird.
—Guest jaclyn ss

Alcohol no More

Hello everyone, I'm a 42 year old female, who up until 2 years ago had no problem with my Mai Tai's and Bahama Mama's. After just a few sips, my scalp itches, hives begin to form and my throat becomes itchy and starts closing. I'm only a social drinker, so I have tortured myself a little trying to solve this mystery. Each time I would go out, I would experiment with a different drink and each time, the same result. Wine doesn't have this affect on me like my girlie drinks, but I'm not a wine drinker and don't really car :-) I will continue to do my research because I'm not cool with settling to be the designated driver all the time. Good luck of you all!
—Guest Punkin71

this sucks

My face gets real red and itchy after just one beer or a few shots. I used to be able to drink all night and be fine. Why is this?
—Guest cody

Allergic reaction

I have only had problems after not having anything to drink between pregnancies and nursing. Now, I have gotten immediate swelling of my lips, itchy eyes and throat and spots all over my neck and face. Is there a way to check what I am allergic to specifically.
—Guest Kimberly

am i allergic to alcohol

1st time my face got very flush, 2nd time my face looks like a big welt, swollen.But this is not the first to times ive had alcohol.it is the only 2 times ive had a reaction.
—Guest gina

am i allergic

I can drink one wine cooler amd my arms get extremley heavey, it seems hard to breath and I sweat instantly! Why is this!
—Guest randi

hard cider reaction

Its happened twice now, the first time the cider was from a brewery, this last time, last night, I was drinking that angry orchards and the same thing hap I broke out into a sweat and my phone temperature was probably at least a hundred 2 or 3... is it something in the cider?
—Guest Milissa

potato allergy

I am an alcoholic of five years and just recently talked to my dr regarding immediate nose running after drinking vodka specifically. It turns out that I am allergic to potatoes and my body reacts to vodka made from it.
—Guest me

Severe sweats and stomach pain immediate

I got a raspberry margartia . After a few sips I went into a severe sweat and experience severe pain in my midriff area.. can i have an allery???
—Guest Jude

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How Alcohol Allergy Affects Different People

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