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Readers Respond: Best Ways to Deal with Your Seasonal Allergies

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Updated May 12, 2009

From the article: Seasonal Allergies
People have some pretty interesting ways of dealing with their seasonal allergy symptoms. Some people go on vacation during the height of pollen season, while others wear a surgical mask during outdoor activities, for example. Besides sticking to your doctor's prescribed regimen of medication, how else have you've learned to deal with your seasonal allergies?

Seasonal Allergy Prevention

Having suffered from seasonal allergy for over 50 years, I have finally found some relief. In the past I have taken a variety of medications to relieve my allergy symptoms, but now concentrate my efforts on preventing the pollen from causing the symptoms. While none of the methods are completely successful individually, together they have provided me with a way to cope with my pollen allergy without the side effects of antihistamines. My seasonal allergy prevention kit includes: • Wear wrap-around sunglasses and a brimmed hat to keep pollen block pollen from my face. • Use Chloraseptic Allergen Block or NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK that are electrostatic positive charged topical gels that repel negative charged pollen. • Use NasalCrom nasal spray that prevents pollen from reaching mast cells that line the nasal passages. • Take homeopathic BioAllers Tree Pollen & Grass Pollen drops to build up immunity to those pollens. These products are all available over-the-counter without a prescrip

spring allergies

Anyone else feel better when they go outside and then when you get In a compacted space, you feel worse?.its okay I feel the same way too.here's what you can do.to stop the pollen from going in your nose for the times being, take vasaline and rub it on the outside of your nose, but not the inside.that'll stop the pollen from entering your nose
—Guest ellen

Seasonal Allergies

I have found that spending time in the basement where the air is cooler has helped alot. Running an oscillating fan is also helpful. Drinking ice water may help reduce swelling in the throat area. Stay out of the outdoors and wear a face mask if you have to go out. People may look at you funny, but who cares....
—Guest Autumn

pollen allergy

I also tried a lot of stuff for my pollen allergy, I the spring and summer I really feel the affects and I enjoy doing sports and that's bad with my allergy. I tried several stuff and I am still looking for something good and that will allow me to play sports also, but I am not for medication that much. I heard about nose filters, anyone knows about this. I think I will try them, I just to see which ones, I don't know yet, still looking on the internet for reviews and stuff.
—Guest oana s

Pollen Allergy / hey fever

I have this allergy since I am born. Now I am 22. The last 6 years were horrible for me. I have all the symptoms and I also have fever at the same time. My allergy lasts for 2-3 months. There are days when everything is normal, but there are days when I cannot even open my eyes or even sleep. I tried with homeopathy...it did not work. Now I am taking Claritin, which is antyhistamin but I do not believe that there is any change or if there is a little improvement it comes after 1 week taking it. I do not wont to discourage you people but I do not think there is a cure yet. Just cope with it and be prepared. Try to take showers more regulary and close the windows. Stay at home... This will minimize the pain.
—Guest Pollen Allergy / hey fever

Spring Allergies

i have allergies in the spring, but im not sure what im allergic to. i really dont want to use any kinds of drugs to get rid of my allergies, but sometimes its the only way. i hate having allergies. i cant do gym at school and going outside makes me sneeze and my eyes itch all the time. i look like a monster with my allergies. i wish the allergies would go away.
—Guest Al

skin allergies to grass pollen

My daughter gets terrible skin problems, rashed puffy eyes, bloated lips. Have started taking the medicine in March but the rashed have already started. What else can I do?
—Guest Jilly

Herbal Tea

I have just started sneezing - so must be the start of the hayfever season! I sell Neals Yard Remedies products and one of the teas was supposed to be good for hay fever. I was a bit dubious, but have been drinking the Eyebright and Nettle tea and it has stopped my sneezing!! Amazing. Be interesting to see if it works when the pollen count is really high! It's nice to think also that I can alleviate my symptoms without resorting to chemical laden products - all pure natural herbs! ***Keep in mind that natural products are typically, but not always, safe. Check with your doctor before using an over the counter remedy, especially herbal products, to treat any medical condition. - Dr More ***


Having tried every over-the-counter medication for allergies, I finally found relief without feeling knocked out with zyrtek liquid gels.
—Guest Janet

Skin allergy seasonal

Dear Dr, During winter season, due to cold and allergy, will be affected by sinusitis and infected by the symptom of yellow cough and itching and red spot of skin What I have to do ?, any allery test is advisable and please advise me as to Shaju
—Guest Shaju.K.O

runny eyes

My experience is that I have changed from having a runny (clear) nose to runny(clear) eyes. I am sure people think I am crying. It is now winter in Paris, quite cold, so I am wondering what to do ?


Whenever I had cold, I'll just get some oranges by my side and guess what! it vanishes though gradually.
—Guest Isaac

Hayfever / allergies

I was badly suffering with hayfever for many years then 4 yrs. ago started taking one tspoon of honey in morning tea (or whichever way you like to take) everyday & I have no problem at all. My son also taking from last 2 years & he is also free from hayfever. I also had food sensitivity test & followed that & helped me to build up my immune system very strong so I do not catch flu, cold etc.
—Guest Bina Raval

seasonal allegies

i use fresh aloe juice,rubbing it on infected area then add it to my lemonade then get fresh skin after 3 days,aloe juice can be use to animal bite ,mite itch seasnoal allegy and has no side effect like drugs.
—Guest maylin sese

Seasonal allergies coping strategies

I get a Depomedral shot from my physician once/year in the spring & I find I don't have nearly as severe of a problem. Whereas I have to take at least 2 pills/day w/o the shot, with the shot I hardly take any medication at all. Zyrtec is what I take nowadays, but only once or twice in the Spring & Fall which is when I have problems. I also use the Neil-Med nasal rinse which helps at all times of the year. ***I'd recommend reading the article '3-month allergy shot' and talk with your physician regarding long-term side effects before continuing on a routine regimen of long-acting steroids. Dr. More***
—Guest Michelle Bergren

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