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Readers Respond: How You Solved Your Itchy Skin Problem

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Updated May 12, 2009

From the article: Itching
Skin itching can make you miserable. Many people have found relief by identifying and fixing the cause. Even when a cause isn't found, some people have found unique ways to soothe their itch. Have you found a great way to solve the problem of itchy skin (beyond the use of medications)? Share your experiences with others.


I don't know if this can help, I have the same problem, but only when I wash or swim, basically when I came into contact with water, I itch for about an hour or so. I live where the water is extremely hard, and have been told that hardness in water can cause all sorts of problems. I have a cousin whose husbands’ father has the same as me; only after showering does he get itchy. He found out after being ill that it is due to too much medicine in his system. I hope this may be of help to someone.
—Guest Michael Evans

Skin itches all over the body

I have never had an allergy or taken any medications. Over Christmas I was on vaccation in Africa. After I arrived back I itch all over the body. It is worst at night but very bad during the days. Have gone to the doctor and given blood samples. Have discovered that anything with antihistamines in it stops the itching within about 20 min. The relief then lasts for approx. 20 hours at which point I take another one. Alleviates the mad itching but I hope that I can find the root cause. Some of you have described similar symptoms. Did you find out what it was ?


I have had itchy skin since I was 14. I itch for no reason at times. I have no rashes on my body. I think its genetic because my brother and mom have the same problem. If I get wet or go swimming my body will itch all over. The main two places are my back and legs. Even a simple bath irritates my skin. One solution I have been using and its never let me down is a HOT bath. It works every time.
—Guest tommie

itchy legs

I have been suffering with this itch that comes & goes. It.didn't attack all winter but suddenly came on this weekend. I Don't have need to shave, do not have diabetes or anything else one deems responsible for the itch. In the car it will start from air hitting them, whether heater or air conditioner! Today I found that rubbing firmly with flat fingers has relieved the itch. No cremes whether otc or prescription has helped so it is wonderful that the firm rubbing is helping. I do feel a painful nerve type pain all over while rubbing skin. It is also really disheartening to hear so many have this awful condition with mo real help from the ine said use oil after bathing, you are getting older now! Cheeesh! I actually have great ski. for nearly 58...youthful looking face and can not really say I have dry skin. I am praying we get an answer. Well, been writing about 5 min without the itch starting again. Maybe the firm rubbing will keep legs from looking like I been jumping in briars!
—Guest Julia

Itching caused from alergy to hair dye

I have been itching for months,in my scalp and all over body... went to doctors numerous times who just kept prescribing shampoos lotions creams and antihistamines which costs £7.40 per item..my face was so read dry and itchy I couldn't go out the doctor also said it could be scabies so gave me lyclear cream that made my face ten times worse !! That still didn't work, I was desperate so Would try anything.. I requested to See dermatologist which took 6 weeks, first day I saw him he said straight away it's exzema caused by the hair dye, he prescribed prednisone steroid tablets 6 daily for week then reduce by one every 2 days, also he prescribed steroid scalp treatment,face cream and body cream this is to be used a week into the prednisone !! I started the tabs 4 days and already I'm Feeling relief from Itching !! maybe some of u need to Demand to see dermatologist as steroids take the inflammation from your body although I know docs like to Avoid if they can ...hope this helps some :- )
—Guest Ceri

Head and shoulders itch shampoo

I bath/shower with head and shoulder itch shampoo. It has relieved my body itch almost immediately.
—Guest Rose

Itchy too!

For months I have been constantly itchy. Maddeningly itchy. Saw reg. Dr., Nurse practitioner and dermatologist. No one could figure it out. Tried all creams, oils, epsom salts in bath and some drastic things like putting bleach in my bath water. Started to feel sinus drip starting, so I took a children's Claritin, itching stopped. So I have since started taking a generic Zyrtec daily at night. I can always feel the itching come back if I don't take it consistently the same time every night. Had moved out to the country in south Louisiana so thought it may be environmental. Can't stay off allergy meds long enough to have allergy testing done. I don't know what else to do.
—Guest Lacy


Hiya am in the uk,suffer from hypothyroidism,metabolic syndrome depression and kidney stones,fatty liver,just had an infection-viral-glanduilar fever (mono) followed by flu and dihorrea,stopped fixofenadine for a few days due to antibiotics for throat, bad idea the itching started again originally started last year after an infection,I dont know what the heck is causing it but it makes me want to claw my skin off-all over, so back on the fixofenadine and its 90 minutes since i took it and itching is gradually sibsiding,usually it subsides completely except for a mild itch from time to time when on the fixofenadine and I also have epiderm (moisturising cream - (prescribed by doc) to wash with instead of soap, I stopped that for a while also, it now looks like thats going back in the arsenal.
—Guest Pauly

Itchy all over

Go to your dr i did and it was my liver pbc the dr give me meds called Rifampin brand Rifadin this was the thing that soled the problem
—Guest Marie


Benadryl worked for me. Usually I get this when I've taken a pain medicine, but I haven't taken anything. I had some coffee but I don't know if caffiene can cause this.
—Guest Teri

itchy skin.

i am having severe itchy skin problem for the last few years particularly during seasonal change.many creams,ointments,lotions and oils have been tried without much success.ordinary petrolium jelly (vaseline)gives temporary relief.last year i took NEEM leaves boiled in water.within a week itch was totally gone. this year again it has started.i have started boiled neem and am finding some relief now.
—Guest m.p.bharadwaj

Liver Disease Caused Itch Sarna heped

I itched all over and it turned out to be severe hepatitis caused by taking the antibiotic augmentin, which is notorious for causing liver damage. Horrible all over itching. Nothing helped, not cortisone cream, not calamine not antihistamines. Scratching with a moderately stiff natural bristle hairbrush and then applying Sarna menthol camphor lotion helped. First a slight burn instead of itch then a cooling feeling that fades to alost no itch.
—Guest Judy

itchy arms

only ice packs make me feel better but only for short periods ,got a LONG LIST of things to try i am really fed up with this been up all night now got to go to work
—Guest jacky

Me too!

Went to the dr he said claritin hope it works! Rash is mostly on the back of my hands, I wash them a lot, could this be the cause?
—Guest Steph

itchie skin

From the first norther until the last cool spell my body itches. It will start in the after noon and I itch all night. Summertime is no problem. My skin is not dry, this has been going on for years. I have spent thousand of dollars on creams, medicine, nothing works. Dermatologist have no idea, except you more medicine. My skin doesn't change colors;
—Guest riverside

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