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Readers Respond: How You Solved Your Itchy Skin Problem

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Updated May 12, 2009

From the article: Itching
Skin itching can make you miserable. Many people have found relief by identifying and fixing the cause. Even when a cause isn't found, some people have found unique ways to soothe their itch. Have you found a great way to solve the problem of itchy skin (beyond the use of medications)? Share your experiences with others. Share Your Solution

Itchy Skin

I`m Gluten intolerant, am on strict diet, and my skin itches real bad, nothing really works, it driving me nuts
—Guest Alan

Look CDC website ARS

Have you been exposed to any Radiation? Or your parents? Father in WWII around atomic bomb testing sites?
—Guest wolf

Itchy skin in spots from head to toe

Over the counter lotion called "Sarna" that soothes the itching.
—Guest Itchy Jim

Iron Tablets

I see many sufferers recommend iron as a solution to their itching. Take care, as Heamachromotosis can result from excess iron being absorbed into the blood. Consult your doctor before taking. Fairly common condition which if left can be fatal in some who have the pre-requisit tendancy to absorb excess iron. The condition is slow to show symptoms and can cause severe damage to the liver. Check it out.

itchy skin

i had a yeast infection. i used a backscratcher to itch it. it cleared up on it's own. it felt good to scratch it..
—Guest peggy


I started taking iron supplements and my itching stopped after 35 years of doctors and no one able to find an answer.
—Guest Annette

Itching cure

I have had a mysterious itch that started on elbows and hips then spread to stomach n under breast which is the worse. I had red bump like hives for two months as of now and also have tinnitus , I had been on gluten free prior so I know it's not gluten but believe it's sugar related and possible yeast overgrowth from consuming to much sweetened foods. I have eliminated all white flour and sugar processed foods and applying anti fungal creams and getting better. Still itch after two weeks but hives dissappearing and not as bad. Read up on candida skin issues.
—Guest Relief


I could not stop the itching. I went to seven doctors and was treated with antibiotics, salves, moisturizers, steroids, you name it I tried everything. Nothing worked. So I decided to try one more thing. -prayer. The Lord answered me and I am now able to conquer this problem, God bless anyone reading this. The Lord wants to heal you, In the Bible He healed everyone who asked Him, Believe and receive, doubt and do without.
—Guest Anonymous

constant skin itching dialysis patient a

my son is on dialysis and our entire family has bad itchy and red skin. have been to masny different dr.s and noone can solve our problem. any ideas?
—Guest jean

Life changing solution found

SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate is a synthetic foaming agent in many products that come in contact with our bodies. It's in toothpaste, shampoo, bar soap, liquid soap, and laundry detergent...it's even in these products labeled for sensitive skin....and it steamed havoc all over my body. Apparently, some people's bodies can develop an ever increasing intolerance over time. My main symptoms were intense itching, rash, burning, enflamed areas on increasing parts of my body over time. Legs, face around mouth (from toothpaste), scalp, etc. Bottom line: by changing all products mentioned above to ones without SLS, I solved 99.9% of all skin problems. Vermont Soap is an all natural soap products manufacturer and a great place to start. Their unscented shower gel is a great body soap and shampoo. Check every label on every product that touches your body, and eliminate anything with SLS.
—Guest Susan

Itchy legs, thighs and waist

I have been having this for almost 10 years now..... Dermotologists couldn,t cure it, but when I go home to India Iget no itch. For the past one month I go trough HELL... tried everything that have been on the Internet.... I drink a lot of water, apply oil water twice a day on the itchy areas but the night time terror has not not left me to be in peace. Best of luck to all my co- sufferers..
—Guest the Itcher

itchy toes

Sulfites (in wine), sulfa drugs, and sulfates (used as packaging aid or preservative etc. ) cause me to itch all over my body. I had to eliminate most soaps, shampoos, even fiber tabs and some vitamins. But the relief is real. Last night my toes were itching bringing me to tears. I used an organic peppermint liquid soap in cold water for relief. Benadryl didn't help. No more wine at all for me.
—Guest itchy toes

Polycythemia might be cause of itching

Although drs. have told me that my Polycythemia Vera is what causes my intense itching, I am not convinced this is the only cause. I know better than to take a nice hot shower, but even cool ones get the itching started. My itching is sometimes caused by a change in position, like when I lay down in bed. I take Gabapentin, Hydroxyzine and, very infrequently, I'll take one-half a tablet of Xanax.I have suffered with this itching since 2001 and have found nothing that helps it consistently. It's difficult to enjoy every day life as just the act of changing my clothing can set off the itching. I could write a book about this!
—Guest Lori

upper body itching

I have had this itching for 5 years now, happened after having my first girl... its very frustrating the only thing that has made it bearable while sleeping or even during the day is ice. i have been seeing a neurologist taken many a test and 8 mo ago i got a blood test for my iron levels, they were very low abnormally low, so my doc put me on a high dose of iron, it took a month and i kid you not i was itch free, i thanked God every day and night sleeping was sooo awesome after 6 mo it started coming back... i did research and read that sometimes your body can stop absorbing iron... so disappointing but still working with my doc on this... i recommend getting your iron levels checked...
—Guest becca

itchy upper arms

so good to hear others with this problem, my arms ar full of scares now ware ive scratched so hard, I no the more Ive scrached the worse it got, I use a anti itch cream Eutax.... And also get releaf from ice pack, gold wet flanel, if im out and cant use cold water, ive use my own spit to calm the area down....before it gets out of hand....I feel its starts when there is a change of tempreture to a hot room....as if they cant breath, I have to wear cotton clothing......my arms love the sunshine... Open and free.. I have read there maybe a nerve issue in the spine. Thinking back this all started around the time my back/neck problems... I will be chatting to my chiropractor about this. ?..
—Guest andrea

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How You Solved Your Itchy Skin Problem

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