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Readers Respond: Relief From Skin Allergies

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Updated June 14, 2009

From the article: Skin Allergy
Skin problems are one of the most common reasons for a person to visit their doctor. Many of these skin problems are attributed to allergies, especially when itching is involved. Many people with chronic skin allergies struggle to find relief, but eventually figure out different ways to soothe their skin. Share your story, and learn about others' experiences, on how you learned to deal with your skin allergy.


I felt itching in my hand,thigh,back it becomes reddish circular spots and spreads quickly.lt stopa if I useantiseptic ointment or lotion.if I take aterex 25mg it stops for 7days.it comes back again.please advise me
—Guest dipak

skin allergy to everything

Since I was a baby, my skin has been allergic to everything except cotton. All other materials, plants, grass, earth, and all cosmetics, natural or synthetic, cause rashes but they rarely itch and only last for about a half hour after contact is stopped. So I use no make up or jewellery, just vaseline for moisture, and have plenty of cotton undershirts. My advice to others is try using nothing at all, just plain water with very mild soap and shampoo without lanolin or perfume - hard to find. Is there anyone else out there like me??

itching for no reason

I have no idea why my body is itching all over! Its been going on for about a week. No rash or anything. It just starts itching. Even my scalp. All day, all night. Its pretty awful and I don't know why its happening. I haven't changed anything in my diet, my laundry detergent, my skin care products. Just all of a sudden, I'm itching all over all the time.
—Guest Erin

Skin Itchy around the neck area.

I have itchy around the neck area of my body. It goes away and come back. it also spead around my neck skin only. behind my neck also. I have little rashed on my neck. I am 52 yrs. of age.
—Guest Velma Snipes

skin allergy

got problem on my itchy body like a bug and thick ones. it come & goes. i tried to take pill for allergy once and its gone., then after 4 days, here comes again. just happened these past 3 months at my age of 52
—Guest diane


ek wil net weet my kind het 'n vel uitslag wat nie oorgaan nie. hy jeuk en dit lyk soos knoppies en rooi dis in sy gesig en amper sy hele lyf wat kan ek doen dat dit kan weggaan en sy selfbeeld kan terug kry. Hy is 20 jaar. hy het dit nou die afgelope 3 jaar ek het als probeer en niks het gehelp nie. hy is gebore met allergies vir suiwerprodukte, kleursel, geursel.
—Guest Katie

flakes and itch

Aside from itching im getting flakes in my head and eyebrows. I tried a lot of tablets, creams and treatment. I even grew double because of steroid from those medicines. Can anybody suggest another alternative treatment without steroids in it? I badly need it.
—Guest mhavz

Recurring Skin Rashes

I have been getting allergy - Skin Rashes for last 6 months. It comes all over my body almost every night. I have not been able to detect the reason of it since it comes every day. I have tried all sorts of medication but it’s just not helping. Allopathic medicine helps temporarily but I don't want to get used to medication and need some permanent relief. I used to get such allergy 2 years back as well and I had tried all the allopathic medicines at that time but it just didn't help. It just gave temporary relief. Finally homeopathy medicines cured me that time like magic and I was absolutely fine last 2 years but now it’s come back and this time homeopathy didn’t work. Trying ayurvedic medication recently. I don't know if it's going to help, I am tired of these skin rashes.
—Guest Skin Rashes- Allergy

skin allergies

Ive had eczema & allergies for the past 15 years. Hoping I would ween out of it I continued using steroid creams, eyedrops, pills, oatmeal baths, etc. However, it's actually gotten worse and has spread to my face. My last allergy test didn't show anything other than pollen or dust, but i feel I might be allergic to gluten? My flare ups are completely random lately & continue to worsen.. Anyone have advice?

some relief

I was able to get some relief from the effects of skil alergies by soaking in a warm bath with about a half of cup of bleach. be sure to moisturize your skin afterwards. Only soak 8-10 minutes. Didn't cure me but helped a little.
—Guest here to help

skin allergies

i got skin allergies on my wrists because i was wearing bracelets and on my neck from wearing necklaces and my ears from wearing earrings of all kinds except the ones that say do not give allergies. My neck is very itchy and there are so many bumps and circles on them small ones and they are very irritating to deal with.
—Guest emma

Shoulder itch at night, one side only?

Each night one shoulder itches....right over the bone?
—Guest Elaine

2 times allergie in a month?

I first started with my eye getting swollen a lil bit, then the next day it got even bigger and i coudnt open it, it wouldnt itch it was just swollen, so i when to the doctor he said it was an allergie, so he gave me some pills and eye drops, 2 days later i was ok, after a week pass now i feel this burn on my neck and is red and it would itch just a bit, im not sure what it is, but its very uncomfortable and doesnt look to nice on my neck girls think its something else im so afraid, i will be going to the doctor today, lets see what he says
—Guest Kelvin

help me out of itchiness

I had a big problem on my entire body itching any and every parts of my body of which I dont know what causes it but it disappears and it come and goes and it repeats anytime. please help I use to scratch with the help of liniment.
—Guest itchywoman

How I solved my itchy skin!

I have suffered from skin allergies for years, I had it all, redness, itching, urticuria, bleeding spots the lot. About 12 months ago I started working for a shop called Amarya, they sell organic beauty products. I learned about SLS's, which can be major skin irritants, and are present in all kinds of high street skincare products, even ones that claim to be sutable for sensitive skin. They are really nasty. As a result I switched all of me chemical products across to certified organic and natural ranges. I haven't had a single reaction since. I would never switch back to those brands again.
—Guest Emma

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