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Readers Respond: Common Causes of Hives

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Updated June 15, 2009

Tired of Not Knowing.....

I came to further educate myself, to be a chef. It has been 3wks now, and I am upset that hives will be the cause of me going home early and not finishing my course. Normally, steriods help to get rid of them, but they are not working now. The hives start like bug bites but then, it's like they play connection and grow, that's when it becomes uncontrolable. Any suggestions?
—Guest Pokok


When the hives started the allergy to NSAIDS and ASA started? Any ideas?


I have had chronic hives for 14 years. with no explanation. I have been on all the meds. with the only one working is Hydroxychloroquine. Which in its self has it down falls...Eye exams and lab work. I am a nurse. The only think i can link my autoimmune hives to is getting the Hep B vac 14 years ago. I had no problems until about two weeks from the last shot and the hives started. They cant tell me this is why. Do you have any ideas? Has anyone ever heard of a immune response like this?

My Hives

It took my 10yrs to work out I was allergic to a chemical called Linalool which is in most cosmetic product from washing tablets, lotions, deo, shampoo etc. It's been hard work to change all my products but is worth it now, even my asthma has eased up I think it;s linked as well
—Guest Bucks Girl

concerned mom

My son is 11 he started getting hives about 5 months ago. The dr put him on 3 diffrent kinds of medicine and a week later they were gone i stopped giving him the meds. because of all the side effects. Now there back and worse than ever!
—Guest michelle


I am suffering from hives and lasts for an hour and is gone. It comes back another day. Your site is educative. Thanks.
—Guest Baskar. D

Hives from virus

I'd be more inclined to believe that any relationship of hives to virus is inverse to that which you suggest. Rather, that hives are an indication that the body's immune system is low and and then unable to fend off viral infections. EVERYthing I have read points to successful treatment of liver malfunction coupled with adequate hydration as a permanent cure for hives. I'm dealing with it myself, and that makes MUCH more sense. ***If you have a permanent cure for hives, I'd say go for it, Jeff. You'd be a very rich man if you could accomplish such a feat. -- Dr More***
—Guest Jeff

Hives and a temporary relief

i had hives for about 4 weeks now, and its the worse thing that could happened, doctors dont know what triggers my hives, they only prescribed anti-itch cream but not even that works. i have my own hives relief, i first soak any rash in water then drop table salt and leave it there for about 1 minute, then i wash the salt off with wine vinegar after that wash the vinager off with alcohol and it surprisingly the itchy stops immediatly and 15 mins later the rash disapears, well i hope this helps.
—Guest christian


I have had hives for approx 2 mos. I've never had a problem before. I went to an Allergist, Dermatologist, and Allergy and Immunology MD. They were all unable to help me with this problem. I have taken Zytec, Benadryl, Pepcid, Steroids, Atarax, and Allegra. The only one that helps is the Steroid and was take off of it because of the possible side effects it can cause in the future. I work as a nurse in a local hospital and too embarassed to go to work looking all disfigured. Sometimes I get them on upper and lower extrems, back, abdomen, neck, and face. They categorized the ones on my face as angioedema. They cont to admin blood work, but still so solution. I am so frustrated until I don't know what to do!!!! I only go out when I have to. I feel so alone and stresse. Any advice?
—Guest Too frustrated

hives since 3 yrs

was exercising one day and suddenly my skin started to create these itchy hives. From that time on, it was not easy for me to run on my treadmill. Not only is it occuring during exercise, it occurs during hot weathers, when im in a hot tub, or when im sweating. When it's in extreme mode, ANY friction to my skin(even wind blowing on my skin) makes it worse. I am having a really hard time with this... I've went to the doctor but he just gave me some cream to use it on the skin. It didn't help any bit. I really hope there's a absolute solution to my problem.
—Guest Tony

8 weeks and counting

I started getting hives in early June. They started on my hands. First my left hand and then my right hand. They would clear up and the hives would go to my feet. First the right and then the left. I went to two doctors and they both said it was contact dermatitis. I finally went to a dermatologist and he said it was internal. I am on blood pressure medicine. He took me off Diovan and gave me a perscription of Periactin for the hives. I have been on it for three days. It is worse than it ever has been. I am getting the hives on my leges arms and worse on my hands and feet. They took me off of the Periactin. So now I wait to see what happens in the next few days. This is driving me crazy. All I do is sleep and itch. I am on a new blood pressure medicine. The thing is that one of the side affects is Hives. WHAT TO DO? Time will tell. I guess maybe I need to get a blood test. No one has suggested that yet. I have two different doctors appointments in the next two weeks. We shall see.
—Guest AKA

Seeing an allergy/immunology specialist

I have had chronic hives for 20 years. Will crop up with no triggering factor, and dissapear at will. This summer has been the worst though! My internal med doctor could not really do anything to help, so I am now seeing an allergy/immunology specialist because after much blood analysis, I most likely have autoimmune chronic urticaria (not related to a thyroid disorder that can be the reason for hives, but not in my case) I have been on 1 course of Prednisone which helped immensely (along with H1 and H2 antihistamines), but 2 weeks after finished the pred, hive came back with a vengance! Now on round 2 of pred and Hydroxyzine along with OTC H1/H2 antihistamines. He is determined to help me, and I highly suggest seeking out this kind of specialist. A "regular" doctor just doesn't have the information needed to properly treat this frustrating condition. Hoping we can treat this. I scratch to the point of bleeding/bruising, and look like I have some sort of plague! Wish me luck.
—Guest Melanie

my response

I've been researching about hives as my 3 y.o. son has this chronic urticaria. He took blood test (which does not require you to go off antihistamine before taking the test) but the test said he's not allergic to any of the 32 allergen. His pediatrician said it may be physical allergy (pressure, heat, cold,...) but we still can't identify the cause. Went to another doctor and she thinks it may be because of kidney or liver problems and gave him a heavy regiment of medicine (Atarax 2times/day, Singulair 2/day, Zyrtec 2times/day) but we don't give him. These heavy medications for sure would cause kidney/ liver problems while his hives may be completely harmless. Some study said that with most people, chronic hives resolves by itself in one year. And some percentage of people have idiophathic hives (no known cause). And to someone who asked about it, it is possible that you become allergic to something that previously didn't bother you. Allergy changes.
—Guest mommy tim


I've been battling hives since I was in my 20's but last year after my breast reduction is worst around my incission is really bumpie and red and itching what can I out I have tried averything from RX to home remedies
—Guest norma


I am a nurse, working in hospital settings. A few years ago I was having hives which progressed to swollen lips and even wheezing which finally led me the doctor. He said a food allergy wad unlikely as by the time a person is my age (50's), one would already know what they are ( I AM allergic to caviar.) He asked about things in my home. I named several things, like acrylic paint, perfume, etc. Then he asked about plants. I named several, including a rubber tree at which point he said, "STOP! It's the rubber tree!" Adding, " Whats the purest form of latex? Being a nurse I knew this but tho Ive used latex gloves for years never had a real problem. Rubber tree was given away. And no more problem until I was using Elmers aerosol adhesive to attach photos to card stock. When my lips started swelling and eyes burning, I read the label. Latex! Its been years now but this week broke out in huge itchy hives. I've had a large potted plant given to me a couple of years ago. Out of curiosity I googled it. Guess what...you guessed it.. it's a RUBBER PLANT! OMG! Why it just started bothering me, Im guessing, is that it must be pollinating. ..new leaves, shiny goo on the stems ! Hmmmm! Benadryl, & Calamine lotion (old friends ) ,to the rescue! Statistics indicate health care professionals are more suceptable as we have frequent and long term exposure to Latex. I think, although I dont break out from gloves at work, I may become more sensitive over time. I'm asking Employee Health for Latex-free gloves! And my lovely rubber plant is OUTSIDE and looking for a new home!
—Guest nmjbug

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