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Readers Respond: Common Causes of Hives

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Updated June 15, 2009

Every where there they are

I have had hives on and off again for at least a yr now my first time having them i was 12 i had a wool blanket on and got them all over my stomach now at 25 i have had them this whole year maby longer they have gotten worse my scapl itches my back legs ears every where they some times look like whelps and get worse when i scratch them Benadryl has not worked it just makes me sleepy idk what to do and i don't know whats causing this could be metalmy sweat heat or just when something has come into conct with my skin this is when it happens have not been stressed tho
—Guest Itchy ugh


I have in the past broken out into mild hives do to reaction to foods, however I experienced something different recently. A while back at a hotel pool, I was in the hot tub and broke out into hives on my legs, arms, and stomach. I assumed it was the chlorine or had to do with the chemicals in the water so I just steered clear of the hot tub. However the pool was fine? Then, yesterday, I was in my friends hot tub for about 15 minutes and noticed i started to react. Once I got out of the water I was fine. Do you think hot water could really affect me in that way? Why hasnt heat in general bothered me before (ex: shower)
—Guest eks

Nightmares and hive

Woke up having a horrific nightmare and within a few minutes I had hives on my legs
—Guest Wendy

Don't want to deal with this anymore

I've been getting hives for since I was 15 and it hasn't stopped since every day I have them there isn't one day that goes by I don't have hives. I'm sick of it and I've tried everything in the rx and home I need help.. I've been to the doctor and all they say it's from stress. Witch who isn't. I don't Want to deal with this anymore I want to rip my skin off some Days. Some days the hives are more intense. ***Please ask your doctor to refer you to another doctor who specializes in treating hives, such as an allergist or dermatologist. If you've already been seeing a specialist, ask to be referred to a university center for a second opinion. - Dr. More.***
—Guest Rodney


I have been getting hives since I was 13. My first time was the worst. My body was covered. Now I am 28 and I still get them but thankfully not as bad. When I get stressed out is when they appear and it's always on my face. Now my 16 month old is getting them. I use oatmeal baths to help relieve the itch and it works wonders!! I just hope he doesn't struggle with them like I do.
—Guest Guest Ashley

My Problems with Hives

I was about 10 yrs. old when I had my first outbreak of hives--giant hives. My face and lips swelled up and large swellings appeared on my body. The itching wasn't too bad. I had no allergies, so the doctor put it down to stress over my piano lessons! As an adult, I developed hives (the small, red bumps that itch badly) after taking multiple shots of penicillin for a staph and strep infection. My hip also swelled up. Diagnosis was allergy to penicillin. I had two other episodes of hives after taking other medications. Now I have the itchy red hives again for the second time in a month. I can't imagine what is causing them this time. I do have anxiety syndrome (panic attacks) which has developed over the last three years. I have not been taking new meds or using new products on my body lately. Benadryl helps somewhat. I'm at a loss at what to do next.
—Guest Millie


I've had hives my whole life . any time I exercise, sweat ,sweep the house or outside in the cold running with the kids I went to the doctor he said there the toxins that are trying to escape through the sweat glands
—Guest d


Been getting hives on and off for a few years and have found that the only natural product to stop the itching is Chickweed, couldn´t live without it not only does it work on hives but we also use it on bites and anything that itches. You can buy it in a balm or ointment what best is it means I don´t have to take anything stronger.
—Guest HenryDude


I've had hives or itchy skin for about 10 days now, I thought it was going away but its back with a force. I'm taking anti-hystermines during day and night but at times it totally over whelms me. Just want to rip my skin off. I had a virus and I've been left with this. Nightmare
—Guest di2mow


I've had hives since I was 12 and it's was really severe. Started like a bug itch on my stomach and back and then progressively went to literally everywhere on my body, even my ears! I would take a benadryl but it never really helped and I was always afraid to go to school because I thought someone might point them out. I'm in collage now and I still have them just not as severe. They seem to be triggered by my menstral cycle or cold weather...
—Guest Guest

hives help me

My hives have gradually gotten worse, they started in my face and now they have moved to my upper back and my upper chest and my arms. I have tried everything the Dr. said its not bed bugs, and scabies, they don't know what it is. I can't even wear make-up it burns me...Please help running out of ideas this just started a couple of months ago.
—Guest Deanna

mystery hives

I started breaking out in hives for the first time two weels ago. I'm nineteen and have never been alergic to anything that caused such reaction. We still don't know what is causing the hives. We haven't changed anything such as soap or laundry detergent. I've been eating the same foods for as long as I can remember. Any answers?
—Guest tosha

food additives

I have been suffering with hives on and off for 3 years, I have been narrowing down what sets it off, its my medication which has Yellow sunset. and foods such as onions colas and certain herbs, so i continue to investigate, I itch as I type. so bad, also heat sets it off.
—Guest jennywren


My husband and I have hives. We've benn battling them for over a year. We thought they were bug bites, because we both have them. Terminex said we don't have fleas, bed bugs or any other insect problem in the house. Why do we both have them? Do we have a contagious skin condition? I am taking allegra 180 in the a.m. and 2 hydroxyzine HCL 10 mg in the p.m. from the dermatologist. Has anyone had hives that were contagious? I cannot figure out we both have them.


My 11 yr old son developed hives this week, beginning the on the 10 & last day of taking amoxicillan for an ear infection. They begin in the a.m. and worsen, esp. at bedtime. I give him benedryl at bedtime, and when he wakes, the hives are gone. I hope at this tender age, it is not stress related (don't think so). They are getting worse every day. I'm hoping it is a reaction to the antibotic, and will go away. I wish all of you luck in resolving your hives.
—Guest Worried Mom

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Common Causes of Hives

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