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Readers Respond: Common Causes of Hives

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Updated June 15, 2009


I have been experiencing hives all over my body for a few months now. I have never had any sort of allergies in my 31 years. I have a reaction to anything I eat. I am currently trying to cut out corn and all its derivatives from my diet, but it doesn't seem to be working. I am miserable itching alllllllll the time. I took one round of prednisone and it helped but did not eliminate the symptoms. I don't know what else to do. My dr's response was similar to others, "you're allergic to something"....um, I know.
—Guest Rebecca


noticed slight hives after i started on birth control and then also took the gardisil vaccine...noticed them on the arm where the shot is. i took the vaccine then 4 days later got hives, not sure if that is what caused it because i do know that ive been pretty stressed lately.
—Guest kris

sick of it

break out with water blisters when i get near grass hay or polinatig grass
—Guest randy j

first time hives

i have been getting hives for the last 3 1/2 weeks. never happened b4 EVER. they started on my elbows the 1st day then moved to my knee's. now they are all over my are arms,legs and where my underwear and bra touch my skin. they started out small now they are as big as my palm. benadryl isnt cutting it anymore. i take 32 in less than 5 days. i'm sleepy all the time can you suggest something better. i have no insurance so i cant go to the doctor....i just need some suggestions
—Guest Val V.

On Urticaria / allergic hyves

My boyfriend (37) suffers from chronic hyves (uricaria) and is currently in treatment. He has his first breakout about 10 yrs ago. He's found the trigger to be heat related. He avoids hot weather (long sleaved shirts and airconditioning always) and direct sunlight. His dermatologist prescribed an allergy diet (only fresh foodstuffs and no artificial flavourants etc) together with a medicinal regime of Atarax and Deselex (anti-histamines) and Pulmison (cortizone). After taking these, the hives disappeared overnight! We were so pleased! HOWEVER: as soon as the cortizone treatment halted the hives came back again overnight. He presents with small red swollen itchy bumps on his hands (palms too), wrists, shoulders, upper chest and back, neck and face. These spread into swollen "rings". We are waiting for the treatment and diet to "flush" his system of allergins, then bloodtests. We find the link btn urticaria, thyroid, diabetis and auto-immune very interesting. Any advice?
—Guest Hilde (South Africa)


I've been battling hives (just on my scalp) for about 2 years - now they are all over my body. Very itchy, sometimes burning (face). Doctors are useless. Going for allergy testing but have to go 3 wks without antihistamine and going nuts as I'm covered in them. Makes for a very angry (ugly) momma. End of social life. Not looking forward to "golden years".


I gets hives on my upper back. When I sweat, shower, the hives are very active. Scaley and burning. Its not good when you want to take off your shirt and have these hives all over your back . I am trying benadryl but has not helped. Creams might help but that means I have to but someone to apply it for me. I tried soaking in an oil bath, oatmeal but tends to irritate it more.
—Guest Andrew


I have been to derm. & allergist. No allergys except to myself-own cells attack my mast cells. I have fibromyalgia and cfs for the last 3 wks in bed flu-bronch-now sinusitis=flair of hot red swollen itching areas all over except face and hands. depression worse. MD said I will always have to live like this-atarax around the clock daily. I add benadryl for the itching. MD says I must see him yrly-very likely labs will show further autoimmune damage maybe lupus or hyper or hypo thyroidism.
—Guest Robin


I have had to take Zyrtek for over three years. Everyday I encounter these red marks on my skin and I'm not sure why or where their coming from. Recently, it has been getting much worse. My skin is constantly irritated and red, and my acne has gotten worse. Help?!
—Guest Jessica

i need your suggestion

i think i have hives,,as i reed all the causes and symptoms i believe that i have hives allergy,,im taking ITERAx every day but still the allergy comes,,i dont know what to do..its been 6 months already,,i benn to doctor, she just said that stay away to the food that i think that cause my allergy
—Guest jovelyn clews

On and off hives

I mostly break out in hives on my face which are itchy every now and then. Sometimes I don't know what triggers it and it has become an annoyance in my life. I have never had hives when I was younger but they seemed to pop up after I had my second child. I take 10 mg of Cetirizine Hydrochloride tablets every time I break out and these tablets seem to work within 30 minutes which I have become dependent on. I have heard that the body becomes accustomed to relying on allergy drugs and I am wondering if this is true. How can hives be controlled or contained so that the body does not have any more symptoms? Can anyone answer these questions? Please help. Thanks
—Guest Tracey

Hives and dust mites

I am very sensitive to dust mites- rash around neck area, when work environment changes out filters in air conditioners, etc. Moved to rugged area - got extreme hives anyone else have Hives due to dust mites **While I commonly see dust mite allergy result in atopic dermatitis (eczema), I don't usually see dust mite allergy result in urticaria (hives). -- Dr More**
—Guest Valerie


Hi! About 2 weeks ago the left side of my shin broke out in a 8" x 2" strip of bright red bumps that were all clumped together. Not long after that, my whole body, except my face, hands and feet were covered with red spots. It makes me itch like crazy at times and I can't even go out in public because I look like I've got the plague or something. Ugh. I saw my doctor about it, and all she said was "You have hives. You're allergic to something." End of story. I asked her what I could possibly be allergic to and she said she didn't know...that I would have to find that out. WHAT!!! Anyway, I haven't done a single thing different in my life, nor have I eaten anything different or used different soaps etc. Absolutely nothing has changed in my life but here I am covered in a big red spotty itch. Does anyone have any suggestions about allergy possibilities? I'm at a total loss here. This has never ever happened to me before in my 51 years of life. Help!
—Guest ItchyGrandma

Hives for 7 mos + all over again

This is my 2nd round of hives, first time cleared up in 7 mos. Had to have another Botox shot (in my neck) I have cervical torticollis. Had my next botox shot & broke out again starting in Aug & still have them. I'm taking Atarax 50mg every 4 hrs. I'm covered (especially in a.m.). They've just now started on my face, lip & eyes. I guess I can't have any more shots, although that is the only thing that gives me relief from Torticollis.
—Guest Whiteshep

hives in my daughter

My daughter in now 13 and has been getting hives since she was aabout 6 on and off. Thinking it was red 40 not so sure anymore. It has been about 8months since she has had hives till now she started Wed. and is still breaking out. She is on 30 mg of prednsone and 24 hr zyrtec and still breaks out with new hives. They are all over her body face,ears, hands inside and out same with feet top and botton. We are woundering is it dairy? Latley she will get a stomach ache after a glass of milk but not all the time. This time with her hives is did run a low grade fever 100.3 - 101.00. It is very troubling she is itchy and we dont under stant why they are still coming. Seh has had the last a few days befour but not this bad they have never been on her face.She is going to Dr this week but what are your thoughts
—Guest amy lucht

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